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How to Reignite Referrals with our NEW Script

You have heard a multitude of presentations on how, when and where to ask for referrals, but personally asking someone for areferral always felt wrong.

When was the last time your dentist asked you for a referral, or your divorce lawyer? People automatically give referrals when they are inspired and motivated by what you do.

The real underlying problem is most people really don’t know WHAT you do, not really.

With the growth of social media you read more articles on the power of branding and the importance of having a clear and compelling message.

This concept combined with the growth of the women’s market creates the perfect solution for advisors reigniting more referrals from clients, friends and even brand new acquaintances.

Most advisors clearly don’t understand the powerful impact that focusing on the women’s market can have on business growth.

Today I want to focus on how to use your message about women to inspire more referrals from your existing clients.

Let’s be honest, most of your clients really don’t know how to describe what you do, in fact even when they want to refer a friend to you they probably say something like…

“He’s a really good guy.”

“She has done a good job for us.”

“We have been with him for 15 years.”

But what if when your clients are referring you they say,

“Not only has she/he done a great job for us but she/he is passionate about helping women become more engaged with their investments.


She/he hosts these ongoing educational events that are fun, engaging, and totally focused on what women want and need.”

In fact by just announcing your new focus on women the responses can be overwhelming ! Janet’s experience is a great example:

“Adri, I sent out my first email this week announcing my new focus on women using my new compelling message and I can’t believe the response. I had over 64 email responses and had a 60% open rate!” -Janet Kratz

That’s just how it works!

Click here to download our free script to inspire more referrals from clients.

You can incorporate this script in a client review meeting, on a phone call, in an email or even when meeting clients on a social basis.