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Marketing to Women

How to Turn Your Boring Prospecting Process Into a Tiffany Experience


You must turn your boring brown bag process into a Tiffany box experience.

You can’t say you focus on women without the message, tools, and process to back it up.

As I look back on my success, how I presented what I do as an advisor was substantially different than most advisors.

Most advisors walk around with an old brown bag.  It’s wrinkled and weathered looking almost fuzzy on the outside, like an old lunch bag used over and over again.

Within this brown bag is everything an advisor has to offer, from products, services, even their message. While it may be valuable it’s not very enticing and often undermines the value of the content.

It’s just like giving a woman a gift, presenting it no matter what it is in an old brown bag it immediately loses it’s value.

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It tells a woman you don’t really care and are not willing to take the time to make it presentable to her.

No matter the dollar value by presenting it in a brown bag you too have just undermined your intentions.

But a simple gift presented with care, where it shows you took the time to make it appealing and presentable to her sends a powerful message and enhances the value of the gift.

She will appreciate the wrapping, the ribbon, the attention you gave, enhancing the overall gift and elevating the value and impact.

When marketing to women as an advisor, how you present your practice is no different.

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