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Is Your Career Your Real Passion? How to Step Away from Your Comfort Zone


Is Your Career Your Real Passion? How to Step Away from Your Comfort Zone

He is a million+ producer with a team of assistants to make his business run smoothly. He reached out looking to focus on women and the divorce market…or so he thought; he ended up getting so much more.

From the moment we met and started working together I knew he was different, he was very authentic, cared deeply about his business and was sincerely interested in seeing his team of young women flourish and excel. The problem was he was so busy he never had time for team meetings, much less coaching.

Life was always getting in the way.  Because of the sporadic nature of our coaching calls we could never gain any traction–most calls were spent reiterating what we already discussed. Finally, I decided we needed to have a heart to heart. By asking some very candid questions we began to unravel the real issue.

He had reached a tremendous level of success but was no longer challenged, he needed more. Without a clear focus and direction that he was passionate about, he continued to be distracted and somewhat disengaged–resulting in frustration from his team.  

He was stuck. He wasn’t ready to retire as he had so much more to do in life; but whatever he did, it needed to be something he was quite passionate about.

As with many successful advisors, he kept thinking ‘if I just keep doing what I did in the past, I will grow and achieve new levels of success,’ but he wasn’t the same person that he was 10 years ago.  What would take him to the next level now was going to be very different than what got him to where he is today.

After some very candid, soul-searching conversations we began to uncover his new purpose. The moment we touched on it you could hear a new energy in his voice, it sparked a flame he once thought gone. As we began expanding on this thought he realized if he kept trying to manage the team on a daily basis he would never be able to give himself the creative space to make this new project work.

He realized then that he would have to make some personal changes in order to allow his team to thrive and his business to continue to run smoothly, while he focused on his new strategy–which would not just motivate him each day, but reignite the energy and synergy of his team. The bonus would be the new assets and revenues.


As a successful producer, we all come to a point where we no longer have that drive, that internal passion which fuels our daily activities.  For many advisors they fear this place, perceiving it as the end of a great run while also fueling fears of failure; but this couldn’t be further from the truth.

As with everything in life we too must evolve. We are no longer the young 30-year-old who had all the energy, drive, and passion in the world. Today we are wiser, more intentional, and are destined to work smarter.

There comes a time when the energy you put in is the same energy you receive in return.  It’s not about the hours worked or number of calls made, it’s not about production goals or chest pounding, it’s about doing what is truly meaningful to you, doing something that fulfills you and makes a difference in the lives of others. 

This new process, this soulful approach to your business is totally contrary to the training and environment of financial services; that’s why it seems so foreign.  

The only requirement is your willingness to step out of the box and away from your comfort zone.  For some it’s simply trusting my process with blind confidence fueled by a burning desire to take themselves and their business to a more purposeful and passionate place.

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