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It’s International Women’s Day – You Should Be Worried!


It's International Women's Day – You Should Be Worried!

In 2001 Professor Ted Cohen asked students in his gender studies class to answer some questions.

One of the most telling was a question asked of young men, “What do you think the worst thing about being a female would be?” Besides the expected responses, “being sexually harassed and having to bear the brunt of child care” the young men said, “being trivialized in conversations and patronized in relationships.”

With such a high level of awareness – albeit from a small group, you would think that some progress has been made. Yet here we are in 2017 and “being trivialized and patronized” by the financial community is the number one complaint we hear from female investors!

In another more recent study, conducted by Credo Consulting, 17,000 investors… half women, half men were asked to agree or disagree with the statement: “I feel comfortable speaking with financial professionals about my finances.”

The result: Significantly fewer women agreed than men… and significantly more women disagreed than men.

Clearly a huge disconnect still exists. It is not surprising that 80% of women leave their family financial advisors upon the death of their spouse. Nor is it surprising that 87% of women looking for a financial advisor claim they can’t find one who understands them.

Smart advisors understand that women control more assets today than ever before and that their own success depends on how well they relate to women.

Mark International Women’s Day by committing to changing the dialogue.

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