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Marketing to Women

Oscar and Super Bowl Ads Financial Advisors Need to Watch


If you have been on the fence about focusing on women perhaps this will light a fire… under your assets.

During the Super Bowl, Bumble spent millions of dollars on a commercial that encouraged women to own their power. During the Oscars, Nike launched a new add promoting women shattering preconceived “gentile” perceptions as to what women are capable of.  But here is the kicker, neither add spoke about their product or service. These companies have learned you don’t sell to women you empower them.

Companies, driven by profits are trying to attract more sales and loyalty from women. They have spent millions on research only to discover what works for men is not what works for women, HELLLOOO!.  Women don’t want to be prospected, sold to or closed on. They want to build a relationship first, be inspired and then motivated to make the best decision for them. Nike and Bumble did NOT talk about their services or how great their company is. They didn’t talk about their experience, the features and benefits of their service or try to promote their value. Every second of the commercials were focused on women, inspiring and empowering women to step into and own their power.

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The same holds true for financial advisors, when you can gain her respect you can win her trust which becomes the foundation to a highly profitable and engaging client relationship. Everything you do must start with WHY, why you care about her. If you don’t have a why or you are not willing to invest the time and energy to uncover your true motivation and personal story (why you care about women) then you are not in it for the right reasons. And don’t even think you can fake it (the good old boys can just stay home), women using their intuitive strengths will spot insincerity a mile away.

We will see more ads empowering women, more companies jump on board in hopes of earning the attention of women. As an advisor you don’t have to spend millions in research to start attracting more women and retaining more clients, but you must take the time and make the necessary changes to create an environment and message that is 100% focused on what women want; trust, respect and inspiration.   

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