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The Scary Side of Hosting Seminars for Women: How to Fill the Seats


If you’re like many sharp, ambitious advisors I know, you’ve probably given some thought to hosting public events like seminars to help you market your practice.

You probably know they can be a great way to keep your prospect pipeline full, and you might even know some great presentation topics.

But… do you know how to fill the room?

For most advisors, this is where the real challenge lies. The thought of filling the seats – or more accurately, NOT filling the seats! – can unleash a flood of anxiety. And, rightfully so. It’s not enough to plan an event… it’s how you MARKET the event that can make or break your career.

Here’s a little tip for you, coming from the voice of experience:

How you market your events depends entirely on what you’re trying to achieve.

If building your brand and growing your database are your primary objectives, I advise you to invest in the services of a direct marketing company. Look for one that will consult with you on your specific demographic group, then prepare, fold and mail the invitations, as well as handle RSVPs. This frees you up focus on preparing a great presentation.

If referrals and introductions are your priorities, leverage your current client base as well as your personal network to fill the event. Approach those who know you, like you and want to support you, and you can easily fill the room with good energy and cooperative participants. You don’t need 30 people to fill the room; in fact you don’t even need 20. The smaller the group, the more people participate – and the more they participate, the more you get to know each person (and they you). Therein lies the true value of seminars: they are a rich opportunity to make connections and develop relationships.

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Regardless of your specific objective, here are some critical components of a seminar marketing plan:

  1. Build hype: Start announcing the event long before you send an invitation. First create some anticipation and intrigue then launch your formal invite.
  2. Market through all mediums: There are so many ways to communicate your event: e-mail, postal mail, social media, even word of mouth. Don’t assume that one method is sufficient; spread the word every way you can.
  3. Follow-up messages: After the event is over, leverage the opportunity for more marketing mileage. Send e-mails and social media messages to talk about the event, share the feedback, and let everyone know how fun and effective the event was. Make those who passed it up regret that they didn’t attend… then let them know you are planning another event, just for those who missed out.

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