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The Male ♂ and Female ♀ Language Disconnect


The Male ♂ and Female ♀ Language Disconnect

Have you ever met with a potential female client, thought the meeting went really well only to learn that she decided not to invest with you?

While at other times you may have felt unsure about your chances with a potential female client and were pleasantly surprised that she chose to work with you.

So what’s going on here? It is as simple and as complex as the fact that men and women tend to communicate differently.

Consider the following “he said” “she heard” scenarios and the reverse. Do any sound familiar? Have you used or heard any of these phrases and potentially misunderstood?

Generally, women want to be treated as a partner so anything that sounds like you are talking down or preaching to them is likely to turn them off. On the other hand, they like to be informed so when they ask questions they are not doubting you necessarily – asking questions is they way they learn and understand what’s going on.

Take Away

Improve your listening skills. But listening is part of the equation, really trying to understand what the other person is saying and why is the other half of listening.

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