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The Powerful Process of Writing Your Business ‘Story’


The Powerful Process of Writing Your Business 'Story'

“Why you do what you do” – this is the heart and soul of your business, it is what inspires others regardless of their age, gender or net worth.

Your story is the ultimate source of success culminating in a business that fulfills you emotionally and financially and provides deep and endearing value to your clients. It builds instant trust, likability and authenticity. It gives others a quick peak into your character while providing the WHY that clients are craving. Without your story your work is just work, your job is just a job your value replaceable.  

The process of writing your story is as powerful as sharing your story is with others. It is a journey that will refuel your practice and ability to succeed. It’s a process that requires peeling the onion, stripping deep layers of old scripts, traditional messaging and industry protocol to get to the true story, why you really do what you do.  

This can become a startling adventure, the root of your purpose often being nothing what you thought. It has been so deeply embedded in your soul, safely protected from being vulnerable or subjected to unwanted scrutiny that at first it may be hard to find.

For some the journey to the truth can be challenging and ultimately emotional which only makes it more powerful and effective when you uncover your truth. In time your journey becomes cleansing, liberating and rejuvenating.

As you develop your story and your true source and purpose becomes unveiled you may feel as if a weight has been lifted off your shoulders, as if a wisp of energy is released like helium lifting a balloon.

All of a sudden things become clearer, all the pieces between your life and business start to connect. These new emotions are hard to define, it’s as if a new sense of peace and calmness is colliding with a burst of energy, and the warmth of a raging fire. You know this is the secret to success and your natural desire is to act on it now, which feels almost stifling.

Not everyone will choose this path and we all have a choice. For some the straight and narrow works, it fulfills their needs and sustains a sense of balance and surety in their life but for others the embers of your true self lies just below the surface, burning. You know there is something more, something you are missing. You have dutifully followed the path carved by others, learned from those that came before you but inside you know there is a better way to succeed and you are right.

It all starts with your story and the impact is amazing.  

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