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The Risks of Playing it Safe as a Financial Advisor


The Risks of Playing it Safe as a Financial Advisor

I tend to push the limits in most everything I do. I will always push myself a little too far, that has helped me achieve a life filled with incredible experiences and a multitude of accomplishments.  Certainly I could play it a little safer and eliminate some of the physical consequences but then I would have to forfeit my desire to embrace the world, revel in new experiences, challenge my mind and body to reach new places and see new things. 

Hmmmmm, play it safe or experience life, there is no debate in my book.

It is this same attitude or approach to life which made the corporate world more challenging for me. Like most entrepreneurs, I’m a bit claustrophobic, I don’t work well in a box, I abhor limits and boundaries and flinch when faced with a policy manual.

Entrepreneurs’ get energized by ideas, are motivated by success, and inspired by challenges. A good entrepreneur is willing to take the risk recognizing and accepting the potential consequences. If you have your own business or are building a practice as a female financial advisor you can either play it safe and blend into the crowd, making a comfortable living and just plugging along OR you can take a few chances, stir the pot. Perhaps it’s time to start challenging your business, challenging yourself to try something new in order to achieve and experience more.

As an advisor it doesn’t take much to make a difference, much less be different. Being more personal with clients, adding more authenticity to your marketing or just speaking from the heart when making recommendations. Just by eliminating all the financial services jargon from your conversations can make all the difference in the results you achieve.

What are risks of playing it safe as a Financial Advisor?

The risks have more to do with being scrutinized by your peers rather than losing a client.  And if truth be told, by being more personal you will generate more trust, develop stronger relationships all of which results in more business with less effort. Take a chance, push yourself out of that SAFE zone. I think you will find that the risks of upsetting the financial apple cart will be well worth it both in terms of your business and personal success. As an advisor maybe it’s time to shake things up.

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