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Who Is the Lucky Advisor When the Divorce Is Final?


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Her divorce was final. For the first time in her life, she is now responsible for making financial decisions that will make or break her future. Her settlement was all she had and would have to support her rest of her life.

Talk about an overwhelming feeling and sense of responsibility; but this is exactly what many women face after weeding through the emotional and legal aspects of divorce.

It would be easy to turn it all over to a Financial Advisor and let them make all the decisions or have her father or brother whom she respected and trusted take charge, but not this time. This was her life, and while she knew she was at the bottom of the learning curve she was committed to understanding every decision she would make.

With recommendations from her attorney, she began to interview Financial Advisors.

The first team of Advisors spent 80% of the time talking about themselves. Their team approach was somewhat overwhelming, adding too many personalities to the mix and parading their token female Advisor (even though she was about to go out on maternity leave) as if that was the only way to make a connection.

The second was a smaller team who tried to connect with her, but spoke way over her head. She came away from the meeting more confused and anxious about her ability to grasp the financial world.

While both Advisors seemed capable and had the tools and qualifications that seemed important, something just wasn’t right.

Then she walked into the third office, the receptionist was lovely, so warm and friendly; the lobby was beautifully decorated with fresh flowers and reading material geared for women.  She was quickly greeted by members of the team and escorted into a smaller conference room. There was food and coffee, making her feel warm comfortable, wanted and important. The connection was immediate, and by the end of the meeting, together, they had called her current firm and unraveled the investments causing her concern.

So what was it that made the difference?

Was the third party more qualified? Did they have more licenses? Since none of the Advisors had the opportunity to provide a financial plan, their tools and recommendations were not in question. Perhaps it all started with those first impressions, a warm greeting, a cozy environment, feeling special and appreciated from the moment she walked in the door. They made her feel that she was important and it wasn’t just about her money.

It’s the little things that count especially for women. They need to feel comfortable, respected and appreciated. Your tools, experience, and credentials are a commodity that can often be found elsewhere; it’s the environment, connection, and relationship you create with women that can have the greatest impact on your ability to gain her commitment to do business with you.

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