Why Targeting Makes Prospecting Easier

For those willing to put in the time and effort, the rewards are gratifying – and prospecting can be made easier. Here’s more about step #2. (Step #1 is here .)

Targeting makes prospecting easier

Getting focused on a smaller well-defined group that you are already familiar with is easier and more effective than trying to sell to everyone.Start by selecting a group you already work with. When you review your client list and see a number of clients who are lawyers or doctors or entrepreneurs that means you’ve found a way to attract these people. So extend your influence to include others in that group. In fact any demographic based selection will work. Say you have a lot of successful older female clients that you connect with and enjoy working with, you can build a strategy to grow your practice with older women. This targeted approach works for two reasons:First, you’re already knowledgeable about the needs of people in that group so there is less of a learning curve for you and prospects will immediately recognize that you understand the specific needs and issues they face as lawyers/accountants/entrepreneurs/women.Second, most well defined groups have associations, events, publications, even informal groups such as clubs that you can easily reach out to.

Take away

Prospecting is hard work: It requires a sales mindset and a commitment ( Step 1), a targeted approach makes it easier (step 2), as does connecting with people in the group around their interests (Step 3).Look for more in the next blog when we discuss how connecting with people through what interests them.Learn how to Retain Female Clientsthrough this online course and earn CE credits. Or visit us at here and learn everything there is to know about what women want and how to serve them well.