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Marketing to Women

Why Your Story Could Be Worth $6.2 Million


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In a national study, when rating their level of satisfaction women are least satisfied with the financial services industry than any other industry. This low level of satisfaction leads to a high level of distrust, making your ability to attract and retain women clients even more difficult.

You see most women you pursue as a client often believe that you only care about her because you want her account. She believes you are only showing interest in her because you want her money. Until you can dispel these notions building her trust can be an uphill battle making the process of earning her business a much longer process.

But, when you can share WHY you care about her as a woman you will immediately gain her trust, respect and the opportunity to earn her business.

Let me share a real life example that will emphasize the importance of sharing your personal story as to WHY you care about women.

In my early years as a financial advisor at Smith Barney I remember cold calling a Mr. Solomon, dispensing with the typical industry protocol I quickly changed gears and said;

“You know Mr Solomon my real passion is working with women.”

(This definitely got his attention) I then began to share my story.

“When I was young my Dad was a very good investor, he managed our money well, made good investment decisions and to his credit constantly urged my Mother to become more involved.

The problem was when my mother did get involved and started attending their review meetings because she couldn’t understand the concepts of yield and pe ratio.Concepts that were important to my father) he made her feel stupid and incapable of learning. The worst part was Mr. Solomon, she believed him.

As a young woman starting a career as a financial advisor women like my mother became my mission. I wanted to create an environment where women felt comfortable asking questions, where they could learn and become more confident in their ability to make important financial decisions. I wanted to create an environment where women felt supported in their efforts to become more engaged with their money. That’s why I do what I do.“

After sharing my personal story Mr. Solomon immediately referred three women to my practice, which amounted to $3,000,000 in assets, one of those women referred her fiancé with another $1.5million and within the year even Mr. Solomon became my client transferring another $1.7million to my charge. I raised $6.2 million in new assets all because I shared my story about why my focus was helping women become more engaged in their financial affairs.

You see when you share your story about why you care about women you inspire trust from more than just women.

Your story why you care about women can become your most powerful and effective business-building tool.

Most every advisor has a story the question is… what’s yours?

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