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12 Great Marketing Books for 2018


12 Great Marketing Books for 2018

January is a month to which we dedicate a lot of attention, among other reasons because it is the month of good intentions and to establish the challenges and objectives that we will try to achieve throughout the year. Going to the gym, quitting smoking or improving our diet are some of the usual challenges, but sometimes they make us suffer. From A Small Job we are going to propose an easy challenge to fulfill and satisfactory for all lovers of marketing: it is the challenge of 12 books for 12 months. We start!

1. January: ‘The purple cow’. Seth Godin

We start with one of the marketer’s bedside books. From the first sentence distills keys on how to treat the customer or know the product and the competition to differentiate and get highlight and transform any business. As we say, this book by Seth Godin (marketing guru) can not be missing in your library. You can get it here .

2. February: ‘Jobs to Be Done: A Roadmap for Customer-Centered Innovation’ . Stephen Wunker, Jessica Wattman and David Farber

The concept Jobs to Be Done was popularized at the beginning of the century by Clayton Christensen. The professor at Harvard University explains and helps us predict how to find new markets for breakthrough technologies and how to guess the changes that occur. 

In this book Stephen Wunker, Jessica Wattman and David Farber give a twist to this idea and focus the idea on the client as a guide to innovation. Thanks to him, and to try to cover his needs, valuable knowledge of the clients will be gathered, which will help us to have new product ideas and arrive at original and profitable solutions. 

From A Small Job we recommend the book to anyone who considers the client as the center and goal of their marketing strategies. You can get it here .

3. March: ’51 things your mother taught you about inbound marketing’. Chad Pollitt

We are an inbound marketing agency and, as such, we talk about inbound marketing. In this book, Chad Pollitt explains, in a pleasant and simple way (as any mother would), all the tricks and concepts about inbound marketing: differences between inbound and outbound, content marketing, SEO … It is a reference book to discover the exciting world of inbound marketing. You can get it here .

4. April: ‘Growth Hacker Marketing’. Ryan Holiday

The world of digital marketing is living a constant revolution. Ryan Holiday shows us in this book a new way of doing marketing, mixing email marketing, PPC, API platforms, thanks to which everything can be monitored and tested. In this book we discover the growth hacking mentality, which is summarized in “get more with less”: a text written in 2014 that has many signs of becoming necessary for the marketing of the future. You can get it here.

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5. May: ‘Inbound marketing: attract, interact and delight customers online’. Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah

HubSpot: the name already supports this book by itself. Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah are the founders of HubSpot and have laid the foundations of inbound marketing that we all know. We, as partners of HubSpot, can assure you that this is THE BOOK for those who want to learn everything necessary about inbound marketing.

In this reading, Halligan and Shah introduce the wonderful world of inbound marketing to any beginner, as it deals with topics such as how to use a website as a marketing core, attract sales opportunities and even the sales funnel. You can get it here .

6. June: ‘Digital marketing. Mobile marketing, SEO and web analytics’. VV. AA.

The digital world is transforming everything. And digital marketing, how could it be otherwise, too. Our online presence grows day by day, so you can not leave anything to chance. Throughout its pages we can learn how to use the three main areas of digital marketing: mobile marketing, web analytics and SEO, essential to create your own comprehensive strategy and boost your business on the Internet, all with a clear and simple language that will make that you can get down to work in a short time. You can get it here .

7. July: ‘The hundred errors of the CRM. Myths, lies and truths of relationship marketing ‘. Pedro Reinares

Pedro Reinares, a professor at the Rey Juan Carlos University in the Department of Business Economics, approaches the fundamental principles of relational marketing with an innovative approach: describing how companies fail to establish adequate processes of relationship with their clients.

Every company or organization has to work with a CRM; The problem arises when there are failures from the base that prevent us from reaching the consumer as it should. Throughout this book, the author, in a pragmatic, independent and experienced way, makes an analysis of all the processes that surround a relational marketing strategy. It is a very convenient text for all those people who want to improve relations with their customers thanks to the CRM functionalities. You can get it here .

8. August: ‘Google Analytics. Measure and you will win. ‘ Iñaki Gorostiza and Asier Barainca

Google Analytics is a basic tool for anyone who works with digital marketing. Along these lines, Iñaki Gorostiza and Asier Barainca explain how to get into the ins and outs of web analytics without it becoming complex and tedious.

With this book we can understand, from scratch, how to configure Google Analytics, analyze reports, track conversions or know and use Google tools. It is an essential work both for those who wish to start in Google Analytics and for experts who want to have everything under control. You can get it here .

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9. September: ‘The magic of the planner’. Antón Álvarez Ruiz

Planning campaigns, knowing the product or applying techniques to translate market data into strategic ideas are not always simple tasks. With this book, Antón Álvarez Ruiz manages to explain and teach us, with a high level of depth, all these tricks and ideas. The professor at the Complutense University of Madrid, thanks to his relationship with planning techniques and his work as a teacher, offers us an accessible work with all the nuances of this discipline. In addition, all chapters include good examples and case studies. It is an extremely useful work for advertising and marketing and strategy professionals. You can get it here .

10. October: ‘The advanced guide of the community manager: become a true professional’. Juan Carlos Mejía Llano

It is an intermediate and advanced guide on the use of social networks as a communication and marketing tool for companies. Currently social networks are a showcase for any company, so mastering its intricacies is very important. Throughout 350 pages, Juan Carlos Mejía Llano teaches us to know and control various social networks, SEO and SEM strategies, digital marketing concepts … It is a highly recommended work for those who already have knowledge in this area, but who want improve them and deepen them. You can buy it here .

11. November: ‘Buyer People: How to Gain Insight into Your Customer’s Expectations, Align your Marketing Strategies and Win More Business’. Adele Revella

Everyone who talks about inbound marketing knows what these two words mean. The concept of buyer person is key in the inbound, so that the success or failure of a campaign depends largely on having discovered the right buyer person.

Adele Revella reveals in this book how to exceed the expectations of our target customer and obtain the coveted knowledge with which to improve sales. You can get it here .

12. December ‘The new rules of marketing and public relations’. David Meerman Scott

We want to close this list of books for 2018 with a book that has turned out to be a success. Already in its sixth edition, this text has become a mandatory reading. In it, David Meerman Scott teaches us how to reach modern buyers through traditional and new mechanisms. 

In a world of constant change, there are essential and necessary elements for any marketing professional who wants to combine the worlds of inbound and outbound marketing. David Meerman Scott helps us define them and know their strategies so that our campaigns are a success. You can get it here .

We have already begun to read them, and you? How many books are you going to read this year? 

PS: in case you’ve been wanting more, here’s the white book of Content Marketing

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