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30 Blog Content Ideas for the Next 30 Days


30 Blog Content Ideas for the Next 30 Days

Blog posts can be short, long, deep, narrow, general, specific, educational, fun, or any combination of the above.

To diversify you repertoire of blog posts, consider the following infographic, created by Impact Branding and Design, which lists 30 different types of blogs.

Some of our favorite types include:

1. The Infographic Post (of which this post is one, where you create or share a great infographic with your audience).

2. The Expert Roundup Post, where you interview or collect on-point quotes from market influencers.

3. The Beginners Guide Post, in which you provide how-to detail for firms starting up something and need a how-to-do it guide, or checklist, to follow.

4. The Evergreen Post, where you provide content whose relevance will likely last a long time.

5. The Resource Post, in which you post a list of relevant industry sites, white papers, blogs, and eBooks where people can go to get timely and relevant information.

What types of posts will work for you?

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