4 Great Reasons for Event Marketing

When you think about participating, sponsoring or hosting an event must be clear that economic outcomes and identify targets expect. This is the key to creating a marketing event that meets performance and conforms to the general objectives of your brand.

The brands decide to events for several reasons such as small will surely seek to have visibility and notoriety or great looking face to face interaction that e n a fair. Regardless of whether the mark is large or small, there are four universal reasons are:

1. Generate Brand Awarness

2. Generate Leads

3. Engagement with customers or prospects

4. Educate attendees.

In a recent study of the B2B magazine we saw that the most common reason is to generate leads and customer engagement.

1. Generate Notoriety

A key point by which brands are doing events is to generate brand awareness and positioning.Event marketing allows you to cultivate this reason. Thanks to events that we can fully generate brand value proposition and make sharing.

Maybe your brand decides to participate in an event to align their brand vision to reality or for the public to potential can compare yourself with the competition. One of the key points of event marketing is that you are the owner of the platform (mean) generating attention instead of having to rent a "media" to generate that attention toward your audience potential (potential and current customers for example) . Thus being more cost efficient level.

People generally tend to remember experiences, whether performed live experiences in a memorable way, we will be going directly to the hearts and memories of people.

Examples of events notoriety are:

  • TED Conference
  • The Oscars
  • SXSW
  • The Super Bowl
  • The Olympic Games
  • Fashion week.
  • 2. Generate Leads

    Another key point for any business is sales, selling and the best way to sell is to have a good sales funnel with a good supply of good quality leads if you can be. Events are one of the most effective ways to generate those leads. Participating in a well well segmented for your business can allow you to interact with your potential customers and accelerate lead generation and qualification event.

    That if we know that an event is not the point of contact pirmer one can have with a prospect. But it may be the site of greatest impact and memorable. The events focused on product demonstrations are a very powerful tool for creating personal relationships, demonstrate benefits of a product or service and pass it well. They can be informative, interactive, immersive, ... anything to catch your lead and make it a Sales qualified lead or directly into a sales opportunity.

    If your business does an event, maybe it would not hurt more than invite your prospects and your customers. The key is to invite people who you know are interested in the topic that you choose or put another way to make sure you'll have leads and qualify for your event. That if you see with very good eye segmenting your database and focus only on those that fit your profiles. If you do besides pre and post event action agendas closed at the event, I assure you coming home with many good leads in your portfolio.

    3. Customer Engagement & Upsell

    The events offer a very high level of customer experience, with the opportunity to create interactive experiences one to one as a result create faithfulness to other marketers event know that companies achieve greater ROI are those that retain and make grow their existing customers.The challenge is to capture the attention of your customers borajine amid the distractions of everyday life. In the event there is the possibility of a "upsell" your customers by offering products or services that maybe your clients do not yet know or had not fallen into having that need.

    A well planned and executed event can reach a lot buzz genarar time after having realizado.O other words, multiply the impact of the event giving reasons attendees to share their experiences with colleagues or friends after or during the event.


    We define "engagement" prospect to those who show a real interest attending an event (webminar, tradeshow, educational session, etc ..) These people show more interest than simply give you their card at a tradeshow for instance.

    4. Educational

    Most people who go to an event, go for one or two reasons for relationships (network) or to learn something (educated) . If a person attends an event in order to learn, then the information you present is key and decisive.

    No matter what type of event're thinking about making. is critical to know the reason or reasons why people vendra- The more clearly you have, the more you're going to differentiate yourself from your competition. Making sure that their espectaciones are met by providing quality content that differentiates you from the competition. Ultimately by becoming a leader of opinion in your industry create connections get great value for your brand and your target audience.