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5 Tips to Make Brands Get the Most out of Micro-Moments


5 Tips to Make Brands Get the Most out of Micro-Moments

Day by day our consumers fill their lives with thousands of micro-moments where they form their preferences and make decisions. It is there, with that information, where brands need to access.

These moments occur at any time, anywhere and through various channels, as these consumers have extended their full attention to the different screens, from mobile phones, computers, tablets and even television.

People now use multiple screens at the same time: while watching a football game in front of the TV, they’re commenting on social networks through mobile; or when they see a video on Youtube from your laptop while you discuss with their friends via text messages.

Hundreds of users access mobile applications to buy the perfect gift and then go to the store to buy it. Thus, people can find and buy what you need, when necessary.

For marketing departments, this means that the purchase funnel is much more complicated than a few years ago only.

 It is difficult to plan routes nonlinear purchase, but the programmatic advertising support, allowing brands to reach the right person at the right time with the right message. Some companies may use these programmatic buying to build micro-moments of their consumers in the right way, like pieces of a puzzle together to see a detailed analysis of its intention to purchase plane.

That said, we present five tips to make brands get the most out of these micro-moments.

1. Having the information to anticipate the micro-moments.

It is vital that brands are present in these micro-moments to evaluate all stages of the Buyer’s journey . In this way, they can recognize when people want to find inspiration, learn from the products, make a quick purchase, go somewhere or a specified task. Companies must be prepared to offer consumers a distinctive and relevant experience.

In short, we must anticipate these micro-moments of consumers in your industry and then make of them and so support them when they occur.

2. Identify the moments that really matter.

According to the above statement, the micro-moments happen when users are in search of answers, discovering new things and making decisions.

The actions of these consumers make the intent and context that brands need to be relevant, so understanding them is absolutely essential.


One tip is to organize the insights of the audience through the popular web, apps and watched videos sites, among others, to see the complete picture of the Buyer’s journey and identify the moments where it makes or breaks that path. With a complete view of the route, brands can start using programmatic buying to give consumers relevant information at the right time and thus bring to your business.

3. Impactful and creative designs that excite your audience.

When our potential customers find the information they are looking for, they are one step closer to making a transaction, but that moment of “necessity” can happen in a second.

Now that you’ve identified those right moments, how you can use these insights to feed creativity tailored to these moments?

The reality is that even reaching the right audience, your chances of success are few if delivered a bad experience or worse, irrelevant. Programmatic mobile advertising and create incredible for brands to be super relevant opportunities. Location, time, even the weather, are audience data that brands can leverage to deliver creative solutions and customized so that there is an engagementwith these potential customers.


4. Reaching your audience through channels and screens at the micro-time.

How to get to a consumer that is always connected, in a safe and desirable environment for the brand? Your brand Fits these platforms? This is where marketing teams begin to understand the potential for consruir programmatic buying a brand.

With this tool it is possible to find the right audience across millions of websites, applications and videos they consume, even when they change devices throughout the day. The program is in making a decision in real time and display a video advertising a person by mobile phone while another does so with a capacity ad display on your tablet, based on which will generate greater impact.

Reaching the right audience is only part of the way. Brands must engage their customers with the right content. With tools like Tuits promoted, Google Preferred, YouTube TrueView and Google Partner Select, among others, advertisers have the ability to connect with their audiences with the benefits that provides the data and automation in these channels.

5. Measure the impact, then responds quickly

By having control of their mobile devices always want to know, buy, go and get immediate answers and smooth.

It is likely that you can not measure ROI at times, but you need to find a way to do so to ensure that no conversion is lost along the way.

These measurements should be based on the metrics that really matter to your brand.

Measuring the effectiveness of certain messages across different devices, companies can recognize the impact of each channel and the role they play in converting. This way you can make faster and smarter to make each channel contributes to the success of a campaign decisions.

In conclusion, based on these tips, as director of marketing, or being part of the team, you’ll meet the individual needs of your audience through different devices and situations with absolute confidence that you are giving the message that will generate the best impact in your customers to take them to convert.

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