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Advisors: Evaluate Your Website with This Simple Assessment


Evaluate Your Website

If your new business results depend on how your website is working, would you evaluate it?

How do you measure the success of your website? For Red Zone Marketing, we look at the number of new visitors, how long people stay on the site, where they navigate to, and how many are engaging by signing up for our email newsletter, a free report, or are reaching out for more information. These analytics and more help us improve the site so that the metrics continue to get better. What are you doing daily, weekly, monthly and beyond to measure the success of what is likely your main marketing tool?

What defines a successful website? It is simple – the site should help you reach your goals. So, what are your goals and is your site working towards helping you achieve those goals? Take this quick assessment to evaluate how your site is working for your firm.

Why do you have a website?

a) To communicate with clients

b) To attract cold prospects

c) To convert referrals to appointments

Do you know who is actually going to your site?

a) Current clients

b) Cold prospects

c) People who have been referred to you

Do you have a call to action?

a) Request to contact us

b) Contact Us form on website

c) Download our whitepaper or sign up for newsletter

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When your website is successful, how will you know?

a) An increasing number of visitors going to your site

b) Clicks on your calls-to-action

c) Increasing number of people making a decision to come in and see you

In the financial services industry, for instance, measurable success is typically occurring when you answer “c” to the above questions.

Spend a few moments considering if you know what is happening with your website relating to your new business results. Ask your clients and prospects how they heard about you AND if they go to your website.  Record the number of people signing up for your calls to action. Record it in a spreadsheet and look at it monthly. I know the answers will be insightful and will help guide you to improvements.

Again, if your new business results depended on how your website is working, would you evaluate it?

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