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Are Using Your Team to Best Scale Marketing Automation?


Are Using Your Team to Best Scale Marketing Automation?

With more demands on our time, marketing automation is a must for businesses.

As marketers learn time and time again, engaging with your customers is a top priority. For most of us, this means using marketing automation to maintain contact with current and prospective customers with the help of technology. Luckily for you, you likely can use your current team to scale your marketing automation.

If you intend to use your current team, you will need to have a good feel for what your team members do well and how you can utilize their skill sets in different areas. Marketing automation is undeniably helpful as part of your marketing strategy.

However, as is true with most things in business, technology can take you a long way only if you have great people to implement it. How do you keep your marketing automation from seeming stale and scripted? You will need people on your team to fill certain roles. You need people with skills in:

  • Content
  • Marketing operations
  • Sales nurturing

Your content guru will ideally be a person who has a good feel for crafting content. Hopefully, this person will have some background in writing. You content guru will be the one in charge of developing and repurposing content across your channels. You will be using the same content for multiple media platforms, but the common mistake with marketing automation is to simply copy and paste content from one source into another. Not a good idea. This is where your content person will grab the reins.


This person will have a firm handle on what it means to write content for specific audiences and repurpose that material so that it can be used to reach your target market on other channels. You likely have someone on your team that has a grasp on marketing operations. This person has a head for details and understands the inner workings of marketing.

How will you be able to identify this person? Look for that team member who is detail-oriented and someone who understands and even enjoys putting technology to use. This person will identify and monitor analytics and identify where integrations need to occur. For marketing automation to be successful, you must apply efforts in the right directions. This is the man (or woman) with the plan and the know-how for implementation. Look at your marketing team to see if anyone fits this role.


Lastly, you need an individual who can nurture sales to drive home the final stage of your marketing automation plan. This person should understand the roles of buyers and sellers and knows how to guide your buyers to the content and products they need. Having a feel for buyer needs is essential in this role. This person does not necessarily need to be in sales. The sales nurturer simply needs to have a feel for customer needs while knowing how to supply the right information to the right people at the right time.

These key roles are what you need to augment your marketing automation efforts. Your marketing automation will largely take place behind the scenes via technological avenues. That’s the point of automating it. The goal is to remove people from the equation as much as possible to free them up to perform more pressing tasks.

However, nothing sends a potential customer running away faster than generic content. If you have people who can use your marketing automation software to perform the functions above, your marketing automation efforts will hit home. Inspect your team. You will likely find people who already fit these roles. By organizing your team with these roles in mind and utilizing the skills that you already have, you can easily scale your marketing automation.

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