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Creating a Memorable Brand Experience



brand experience can capture a customer’s imagination, engage their emotions, and deliver on their expectations. A good piece of content marketing should do the same. I’m not going to talk about what you can learn from a company that does zero content marketing.

Whether you’re an Apple fan or have sworn you’ll never own an iPod, you can’t deny the beauty of the Apple brand experience. From packaging to web site, from in store to advertisements, the company creates a seamless experience that delivers on every level.

So what can a content marketer learn from a company that does zero content marketing and was named the “worst content marketer in the world?” The Apple brand has a story, and while it may not be playing out in content marketing, it lives in their store every day.

In an article on Business Insider, the per store cost of an Apple Store back in 2013 estimated to be between $8.5 and $10 million. And while that number includes the creation of a stone tile floor that demands stones quarried from a special reserved area, the true value of an Apple Store is in the staff which is the way it should be.

Putting your employees first is the key to a brand success.  Think of them as guides along your customers journey.

In fact, most of the bullets on Guy Kawasaki’s list of things you can learn from an Apple Store are related to the people that work there. The way the staff relates to customers, the way the brand sells, and the focus on relationships is what makes the in-store experience so special. It’s manically consistent, it’s completely customer focused, and it’s all about service.

Consistency is essential

What can you learn from that approach about content marketing? Tons.

First, consistency and quality matter. Producing consistently excellent content in one medium on a regular basis is a better idea than trying to create something for every channel. Second, your focus needs to be on your audience, and how they perceive your offering. One of the items in the Apple steps of service is “presenting a solution the customer can take home today.” Your content should present a solution for your audience. It should solve their problem, overcome their boredom, or answer their question. Finally, focus on consistency. Every piece of content should have a purpose, every piece should tie back to your overall brand narrative, and every piece should offer value.

Apple may not create content marketing, but their consistent brand and in-store experience offers something almost anyone can learn from.

Ask yourself how your content represents the brand experience you’d like your customers to have. You’ll be one step closer to getting them entwined in your brand.

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