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Financial Advisors, Release Your Content Powerhouse!



For the last couple of years, Google’s algorithm has increasingly emphasized the importance of quality content. Therefore, the focus is not anymore on how well keywords are picked up and included on your pages, but on how much each one make sense within a certain context. At this game, financial advisors are stronger than they think!

Financial advisors have already all the content needed to succeed!

Financial advisors, Wealth managers, Asset Managers, Trust Officers, Lawyers… these people are probably part of your staff and have tremendous experiences and knowledge to share with prospective clients. Therefore, this is no need to seek great content or to pay a PR firm to write it for you. You can do it yourself by taking advantage of your staff great qualifications and experiences. This can be done through several ways:

  • A daily tweet commenting the market closure
  • A weekly or monthly article detailing the importance of the latest FED or ECB interest rates moves
  • A video interview or a webinar about the best strategies to secure assets in geographically risky regions of the world

There are many more examples to follow according to your client’s interest and own expertise.

Organize your content powerhouse

To ensure a constant flow of great quality content, it is essential to organize yourself. Depending on your staff size, expertise’s and field, you can set it up in various ways :

  • Frequency: From the moment you decide your publishing frequency (once a week, once every two weeks, etc), distribute the work within your team. No matter how busy your staff members are, writing an article per month is far from overwhelming.
  • Topic: This is the moment you want to display your competitive advantage to your leads and prove them you are the best for the job. Therefore, make dedicated articles or videos about what you know the best according to your client’s interests!
  • Events: The interest rate changes by the FED or ECB can have big consequences on the global economy as well as your own client’s investment portfolio. Therefore, your insights will be highly expected onto what to do next.

Make sure you push forward your expertise as well as what makes you special in the eyes of your clients (efficiency, responsiveness, commitment and more).

Share your knowledge to the world

Just like any business, if you have a great product but don’t know how to sell it, you won’t go far. Now that you have organized your content engine so to work consistently based on your client’s and lead’s interest, you got to know how to reach them. No matter your budget and resources, you got many possibilities:

  • Self-blogging: Adding a blog page to your website is the simplest way to display your expertise for potential leads. Besides, it is a great way to improve your website’s ranking on search engines.
  • Guest-blogging: Find out authority players in your field and ask them to become a guest blogger. This way, you can increase your visibility and benefit from their traffic.
  • Newsletter: Regularly sending a newsletter is the best way to keep in touch with your clients and leads. Make sure they remember you with relevance, instead of spamming them.
  • Conferences: Being a guest at a conference is a great way to directly interact with the audience on various topics and get a pulse on what’s important for your potential leads and other experts. It is also a great opportunity to enjoy a strong media coverage for a reasonable amount of money.
  • Social Media: You have here the great opportunity to reach a considerable amount of people, while carefully selecting them in advance, for a very good price. Linkedin and Twitter are some of the most used social media by their clients to know, as soon as possible, what’s going on with their money. Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and other big names cannot be overlooked because all of these reach different target groups you actually might be interest in. Therefore, make sure you answer these simple two questions before you make your move — who are my clients and where do they find information?

Traditional medias (newspapers, radio, TV) can also be of interest depending on your budget and target group. The most important is to come up with a mix based on your resources and the maximum efficiency.

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