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How Do You Know If Customers are Happy?



Written by: Susan Marshall

We all know that, without a doubt, customers demands are increasing. They expect you to meet them where they are, help them in the decision-making process, make their buying/checkout process easier, and they expect you to keep up with others leading the way across the industry. For most businesses, it’s not feasible to lead the way of innovation, especially when you don’t have the team or budget to support it. But that doesn’t mean you can’t ignore your customers’ wishes. If you choose to not innovate and not meet your customers where they are, then you may be forfeiting their business without even realizing it. 

What Do Your Customers Want?
According to Entrepreneur Magazine, planning a digital marketing strategy is essential to getting ahead of the competition. So do you know if your customers are happy, sad? Indifferent? You need to know. The ability of a business to thrive in today’s economy is based on how well that organization is able to adapt to digital media. That’s the fastest path to understanding if what your customer wants. From social networks to smartphones to tablets, the digital tools available today make it possible for consumers to interact on a global scale. As a result, regardless of your business’s industry or size, it is imperative that you learn how to leverage the ability of consumers to interact and engage. (via @Entrepreneur)

Developing a successful digital marketing strategy is as simple as:

  1. Identifying your target audience.
  2. Developing your business goals.
  3. Designing and implementing a strategy for meeting those goals.
  4. Monitoring your chosen strategy.

Be Committed to a Seamless Experience
Whether or not you have the ability to completely revolutionize the customer experience top to bottom or not (and very few companies do), there are certainly elements that every business should consider. Take a look at the below suggestions from Direct Marketing News and consider how your company can make improvements today (via @DMNews): 

  1. Rethink every element of your media mix as having one purpose: serve and satisfy the customer
  2. Create processes for generating ongoing “Voice of Customer” feedback from social media channels and sales and service representatives
  3. Synchronize and integrate your multichannel mix with precision and value
  4. Rethink incoming calls, emails, and social media interactions as high-value marketing and branding opportunities
  5. Focus on customer lifecycle marketing; i.e. nurturing long-term relationships

How do you know if customers are happy? What if they are mad, sad or indifferent? Its important to understand. Connecting with the customer means everything in today’s world. Start with an evaluation of your existing marketing efforts, and new and improved digital marketing actions will help you drive sales, reduce costs and find better ways to compete, whether your business is online or on the ground.

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