How Marketers Can Leverage the Gig Economy to Get More Done

Written by: Maria Rummel

Whether we consciously know it or not, we’ve all been touched by the gig economy.

In our consumer lives, it might be something as simple as ordering an Uber or staying in an Airbnb. As a marketer, you’ve maybe even hired a freelancer or two.

As a user of the gig economy, it’s easy to understand the benefit. Say you were going to hire a handyman with an average proficiency in plumbing and electric to both fix the drain in your shower and to tune-up your air-conditioner. What if instead, you hired two experts – each a specialist in their field? The quality of the work is going to be better, and the job will be done in far less time than if you’d used the average handyman. Jobs that can be done in less time, save you money.

The same is true for freelance marketing specialists. We all know there is no true unicorn – a digital marketer who can come in, wear every single hat, and get everything done. The best work is often done by someone who’s taken the time to learn the technology, specialize in their craft, and keep up with the technology.

The problem is that as the gig economy grows, it’s become increasingly difficult to cut through the clutter and find the right specialist for your team. Often times, search results for freelancers can be hit or miss and it can be impossible to find the right person to get the job done.

So what can you do? Reference this checklist to find the right freelancer for your team:

What to look for in a freelancer:

  • Full-time professional – Commit to finding a freelancer or consultant who has made this their full-time career. It’s easy to get tied up in freelancers who are gigging on the side or are in-between jobs. Of the estimated 41 million freelancers in America, 11.6 million are freelancing full-time, according to MBO Partners .
  • Check out their website – The easiest way to tell if a freelancer is serious, is to take a look at their website. Experienced digital marketers will have created, or invested in a modern website. Be wary though, web-based software has made it painfully easy to look good. Do a little digging and look for evidence that they have set up an LLC to run their business and establish a brand.
  • Ask for evidence – A true expert will not have a problem providing references or work samples to prospective clients. It’s okay to ask them about past clients, too.
  • Ensure technical skills – Quality freelancers are more than just subject matter experts. They know how to use the tools and technologies related to their specialty. When narrowing down your list of possible candidates, it’s smart to ensure each is proficient in the systems your team already uses or are trying to implement.
  • Compare pricing – When it comes to pricing, experts who value their craft offer fair and competitive pricing for the work that is being done. True experts won’t work for cheap because they know that the work they provide creates value for your business.
    Take a look at their marketing materials – If you’re looking for a marketing professional to help you with your business, look at how they are doing it for themselves. If a freelancer isn’t willing to put in the work for their own business, it’s questionable what kind of effort they will put in for their clients.

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