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How To Invest In Marketing and Sales

When considering investment needed to drive growth for your company, the options seem simple – more Marketing and more Sales. The hard part is figuring out how to do it. There are more options now than ever to consider on placement of investments that have downstream impact on revenue and client success.

The best method to determining how to start, is to begin by asking questions. The following will lead you toward the right direction on how to invest your time and/or resources:

Do you know what is already working and what is not with Sales?

  • Does Sales need more help closing deals or getting them into the pipeline?
  • When Sales first interacts with a potential client, is it hard to explain what your company does and how it benefits the potential client?
  • What is the process like for the potential customer when they are interested in buying your solution?
  • Once customers are on-boarded, are they happy with the solution they have bought?
  • Who in your organization ensures your clients’ success?
  • Do you know what is already working and what is not with Marketing?

  • What is it about your solution that makes your clients so happy or successful using it?
  • What Marketing channels work the best to bring in clients (not leads, but clients)?
  • What verticals and/or segments provide the best Life Time Value (LTV) to your company?
  • What do you get back from every $1 you invest and where does it come from?
  • Who are your best people and why?

  • In answering these questions you should have a better understanding of your process. Why does that matter? Because all investments work well when the time and/or resources are applied within a process. Think about it — If you want to put more into Marketing, does it go toward developing content? Advertising? Partnerships? People? If you make that investment in Marketing and it pays off by producing more qualified opportunities for Sales to work on, then you have to think about how they handle it? Are they set up to scale? Will they still provide a good experience for potential and current clients?

    The balance between investment in Marketing and Sales must be made with either developing more interest, converting that interest into potential clients, and keeping those clients happy.