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How To Make Your Brand Story ‘Roll’


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Have you ever watched a movie being filmed?  Right as the director hits the record button he takes a deep breath, centers in, and says, “We’re rolling.”  It’s a signal to everyone in the studio to be ready for action.  The crew gets quiet; actors take their places and get in character.  The entire studio is on cue and knows exactly what to do, because this is what everyone has been waiting for.

A star is born

Now think about your brand’s spotlight moment.  When you put the launch info up and out to the world, you cement the final company logo, or your website goes live, it means it’s time to let everyone know what you are about.  This is why you went into business in the first place to tell your brand story and to help others feel uniquely empowered in ways that only your company can offer them.

We share your excitement because you and brands like you, are the very reason Entwine was born.  We help you take the action-packed thriller of your business brand story to the next level.

We put all the tools in place to help you make an award-winning product launch, successful brand reboot, or even just a bettercontent or design strategy. But enough about us, let’s focus on you and how to let the outside world know that your business is “rolling.”  And soon to be “rolling in the dough.”

So how do you make your brand story “roll?” 

First, let’s get the terminology down.  In this sense “roll” means flow.  There are no interruptions and no hiccups—everything is going smoothly.  This is important for your brand story, the mentality and your customer’s purchasing psychology.  The customer wants to see congruency, and you want to see fluency on the backend.

Discovering your special character

As you start to gain some momentum you are going to find that certain things come up, professionals—just like professional actors—need to be coached and directed from time to time, equipment and software needs to be tweaked and your business may feel anything but ‘automated.’  On the upside this is where you can take a competitive edge.When you realize where the loopholes are you know exactly what you need to do to improve your behind-the-scenes strategy.

Look at Apple for instance.  They are notorious for launching successful product after product and all of their launches equal Hollywood red carpet sized fan appeal.  Your launch, to your list, can be just as enormous.  It doesn’t have to send title waves around the Atlantic Ocean, but it should capture the attention of your audience and convince them that something is going on over at your company.  Do this by being cognizant of your companies pre-selling and pre-positioning tactics before your big launch.

Roll out the red carpet

Whatever you can do to promote and position your brand story is going to help generate buzz around your company.  The more buzz, the more conversations are going to be sparked about what your up to.  Add fuel to your fire by keeping hot on social media, hitting your list, and working key strategic partnerships.  All of these minor details play a major role in getting your company noticed but you have to do some hustle to the get big results.

Get your brand advocates aligned

A good director is able to get everyone in place and ready moments before the red button gets pushed.  Good management is no different.  Make sure your entire team and your raving fans are on board before you roll out something new.

So what’s your next big brand moment and do you have any pre-promoting plans before the big day?

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