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How to Stay Top of Mind With Referral Sources


How to Stay Top of Mind With Referral Sources

In business the right referral partner can be the difference between having clients flock to you every month or hopelessly cold calling for leads. The challenge is that most “solid” referral sources are often being courted by other trusted advisors for leads and referrals. So how do you ensure to stay top of mind with your strategic partners so you always get the deal? Invest in the relationships. Below 4 foolproof solutions to keep you front and center.

Service. Service. Service.

The level of service you must provide is basically on level with Anthony Hopkins inThe Remains of the Day. Every deal that is entrusted to you is your opportunity to prove that your strategic partner was right in trusting you their client or lead. Be clear about the service you are going to provide upfront to avoid miscommunications later on and, if you aren’t right for the job, don’t be scared to pass is on to a more capable source. Your strategic partners will value you more knowing they can trust you to only take on a client when you know you can deliver.

I Make This Look Good.

When it comes to strategic partners they only have one goal in mind: Making sure theyalways look good in front of their clients. That means only referring top notch trusted advisors who are going to provide top notch service and go above and beyond for their customers. Deadlines, work process, organization and follow through are things you should work on mastering because if you don’t live up to expectations you can say bye-bye to anymore referrals.

Appreciation, Past The Average Email.

Gratitude works through reciprocity; the more you demonstrate appreciation for someone the more you get in return. If a referral source sends you the opportunity to work with one of his clients don’t just send an email to thank them. Pick up the phone, send a card or better yet a small gift that makes you stand out. People remember how you make them feel 9X more than anything you can say. So, make them feel special.


Quarterly Coffees & Lunch

Business is all about relationships so make it a priority to invest in the ones that you know will pay off in the future (and it doesn’t always mean money). Keep a CRM system or a plain old excel document to help you keep track of when you last saw a strategic partner and when you are due for your next meet up. This will not only help you stay on top of your best relationships but also demonstrate your diligence.

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