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How to Write an Engaging Call to Action


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Among the pieces that make up great marketing copy, your call to action may be the most important component of all.

And there’s a good reason why: your call to action may be your last chance to nudge your reader to take the next step. Here are three things to keep in mind when writing your next call to action.

This may be your last chance to instruct your reader on what he or she should do next.

1. Use action verbs

A call to action should avoid soft instructions, and instead incorporate action-oriented verbs. So avoid a call to action like this: “If you are interested in finding out more about …”.

Instead, try these three prompts when you’re writing your next call to action:

“Get your …”
“Call us today at …”
“Discover the benefits of …”

These are direct verbs that get to the point, which is what a call to action is all about.

2. Be clear, not clever

Being clear and direct is more important than being clever or creative. It’s better to have your reader think “This is a great offer” than “That is a great call to action.”

You can ensure clarity by always making your reader a priority.

3. Make the next step easy

One way to make the next step easy is to provide a few ways for your reader to contact you, such as a phone number and email address. Also think about including links to your TwitterLinkedIn and Facebook pages.

You can’t be sure when or how your call to action will be read, so be prepared for anything.

Easy also means quick. If your call to action requires work, like filling out a contact form, your reader may lose interest.

Nevertheless, if your call to action does require a little work, be sure to sweeten the deal by offering something for free.

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