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Is It Time To Hire a Copywriter?


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Let’s face it; we all want to be better when it comes to the content that we put on our site. Chances are if you wrote a great post last week, this week you want to up the ante. It’s just human nature. But besides being evolutionarily programmed to want to evolve, we also are programmed to grow—and growing your business all on your own may be holding you back. Maybe it is time to hire a copywriter.

If you are a perfectionist you may be sitting tinkering with the keys for hours to get just the right headline, or make sure the call-to-action is just right. There are more important things that you could be doing in your business rather than crossing ‘t’s and dotting ‘i’s. In fact, when you outsource your creative content the person doing it is not attached to your story—they haven’t build it from the ground-up and been there through the hardship, so they can just polish off a great piece of content and be on their way. Just like that. It almost isn’t fair! Instead of punishing yourself for wanting to be the best, why not reward yourself by taking some of the pressure off?

But I have to get it just right!

Yes, YOU do…and that’s why it’s time that you turn over the reigns of creative control to someone known as a copywriter. It isn’t that your content has to be perfect—it’s probably already there. You just are your own toughest critic. Seeing hours of hard work done for you is a privilege that you just have to experience yourself.

Still not convinced? Even the biggest names in the business-writing world use ghostwriters and talented outsourced teams to finish their biggest projects. Ever wonder how some of the busiest people in the world find the time to write a book year-after-year? The power is in the outsourcing. Sure, they write some of it, but they rely on talented people who can fill in the gaps for them. There’s a reason Seth Godin writes short daily blog posts. If he wrote more than 200-300 words it would detract from the important stuff in his day. This is where outsourcing comes in. And it’s not just for the stuff waiting in your queue, either.

Help where it counts

Having someone fix your website copy is another key privilege of outsourcing—you get to see what someone else would do to sell your brand. It’s an ingenious idea because you’re getting valuable feedback in terms of a second opinion that may earn you more money in the long haul. When you start taking the pressure off of yourself to produce, you get the creative sense of playfulness back—and that’s insanely valuable for creating the brand image that you want and need. So next time you sit down to write and can’t get it quite right, outsource a copywriter for ‘perfection’ is just a click away.

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