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Is This One Thing Holding Back Your Referrals?

There can be a number of things holding you back from the referrals you deserve. Some are critical to your success and some are "nice to haves."

Today's episode is about a critical component your business needs to generate referrals.

Here are some highlights:This need in your business is so very important to your referral success, I am dedicating the next 3 episodes to unpacking it,...starting with this one. Welcome to the mini-series on your Client Experience.In this episode we break down:
  • What is the Client Experience (or CX for short)
  • Why it matters (aka how it can keep you from receiving referrals)
  • The parts of the CX
  • When the CX stops and starts.
  • The Client Experience is something all clients go through - whether you are intentional or not about it - and it dictates the feelings, attitude and behaviors your clients have toward your business.Related: The 5 Steps You Need to Generate ReferralsThe CX matters because without a sticky client experience it is hard to turn first-time clients into repeat clients, build positive brand reputation and buzz and generate referrals.The two parts of the CX is the work you do AND the relationship you build with your clients. I explain these two parts using a marriage proposal as my example. The work you do for your clients is the hardware, like the ring given during the proposal. And the relationship you build with your clients is how you propose, meaning the story told later. How connected your clients feels is driven by what you do to build a relationship.The CX starts at the same point for all businesses - the moment the client says yes to working with you. And the CX ends depending on the stages you have within your business.