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It's No Different for Advisors: The Magic of Words

Writing your website content is not an easy challenge. As a Financial Advisor, you know how much it is hard to get a client and although most of them might be coming from referrals, you still want to give the best impression and prove your firm’s the best to start a long lasting relationship.

Pu Yi, 15: Why are words important?
Reginal Fleming Johnston: If you cannot say what you mean, your majesty, you will never mean what you say and a gentleman should always mean what he says.

Just like Sir Johnston in Bernardo Bertolucci’s Last Emperor, let’s be gentleman and focus on the key points on how to write a proper website content.

Start with the right questions

Before you got into any marketing tasks, make sure you answered some basic questions:

  • Who is your audience? What is important to them? What keyword do they use to answer their questions?
  • ​Who are you? What are your brand and added value? What makes you better than your competitor?
  • What is the purpose of writing new content for your website? What do you want your audience to know and to do towards your firm?
  • The simplest questions are always the hardest to reply to, but they will help you direct your effort to your objectives.

    From the big idea to small pieces

    Considering the important amount of time and energy requested to write proper content, don’t beat yourself up!

  • Start with the “big idea” or the main message you want to communicate to your audience. Just like an advertising catchphrase, it is the very core soul of your firm and what makes you unforgettable among all your competitors.
  • ​Break it down in smaller pieces. With your big idea in mind, cut it into manageable size for each and every page of your website.
  • ​Describe each page purpose. Despite the obvious function of the page (contact, price and so forth), keep in mind you can give countless information about your firm in all circumstances. Loyalty, ethics, performance, social responsibility…these concepts are not meant to be stuck into the “About us” page but can be displayed even on the contact form!
  • Your website is an amazing platform where creativity is king, make sure you take advantage of it!

    Focus on Quality, not Quantity

    Bad sales people talk all the time. Good sales people listen and know the value of words.

    No, it is not another quote from a sales guru, but just a feedback from my own experience. Nothing is more annoying than talking for nothing, especially in business. Spare your visitors the pain of getting lost into your website and make sure you go straight to the point! It is not an easy exercise since most of us a drawn into endless justification of our own qualifications. But keep in mind your visitor is here for a reason: he wants to know, indeed, whether you fit for the job…so help him know you are!