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See Better Marketing Results When You Start Asking for the Easy YES


See Better Marketing Results When You Start Asking for the Easy YES

This blog post started as some advice for calls to action. But we liked what we saw and realized that it’s equally important for your broader marketing strategy … and maybe your work life as well.

Let’s look at why it’s better to ask for the easy yes, which often results in a small step, rather than asking for something big.

Calls to action

Jumping head first into a strong product push is rarely the best option for a call to action in financial services. Why? If people aren’t expecting it, it can come off as too aggressive. And there are many other places that your clients and prospects can turn to for advice and solutions.

Helping out your clients and prospects by leading them to more information and/or a handy tool is a better option. It’s easy to say “yes.” If the next step helps them even more, it makes it even easier for them to keep saying “yes.”

Marketing strategy

While nothing feels better than hitting a home run, in today’s world of fragmented communications (across print, digital, social, etc.) it makes more sense to try and hit singles. We’re talking about short-term, micro campaigns and educating your clients and prospects on smaller-scale issues.

For example, rather than a whole series of marketing tactics on long-term investing, why not focus on the benefits of simply increasing pre-authorized contributions from $50 to $100 per month. Plan for a brief campaign with a wide reach: just one month across all social and digital channels.

Work life

We’re stepping out of our comfort zone here, but stick with us. If you hear “no” too often, maybe you’re asking for the wrong things. As with your marketing strategy, break up your requests into the smallest units possible. Break down your requests to the point where it’s hard for people to say “no.” And then work toward your bigger goal from there.

We think that you’ll start seeing better marketing results soon after you start asking for the easy yes.

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