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Smart Habits for Healthy Client Retention


Smart Habits for Healthy Client Retention

With so many daily distractions and day-to-day necessities to running a business taking the time to appreciate clients can easily become an afterthought. Suddenly, these moments become all too familiar:

You had every intention to send your clients a card on their birthday but settled on clicking LIKE on their Facebook page instead.

You really wanted to congratulate them on a milestone but then the moment passed and and it was too late to celebrate.

You decided that sending a Christmas present was definitely enough attention to give your clients every year -who has time to do more!

With so much competition, literally hundreds of other companies that do exactly what you do, the ONLY thing that separates you is how you make your clients feel. That’s what determines (along with your great services) whether clients stay or go. Yep, I bet sending that birthday card seems pretty tempting now.

In fact over 80% of customers acknowledged they would be willing to pay more for better service.

Below some simple, fast and efficient habits to keep clients happy and sticking around longer.

Every business has a different sales cycle. Some close sales in a matter of days while other can take years to close a deal.

Habit #1: Learn your sales cycle and where the peaks and valleys are to implement techniques that will keep your clients engaged. 

My client Ted, for example, runs a successful website design service. Most of his clients are relieved when they hire Ted and his team because they’re excited at the prospect of that perfect new website. Three months down the road, however, when the content still isn’t written (because the client got caught up in another endeavor) and Ted isn’t able to wrap up the site they get frustrated. Some, even quit halfway through and break their contract! So what did Ted do? He created milestone awards to keep his clients engaged all the way through. They get a beginners award and card upon starting service, a small gift card and writers inspiration box at the 2 month mark and a bigger gift for the whole office including a How To Launch Your Website manual once the site is complete. Now Ted’s clients are finishing their content on time and enjoying every minute of working with Ted’s company.


The End Is Just The Beginning.

Remember Ted? Well turns out his sales cycle doesn’t stop just because a site gets finished. Ted realized that there was a HUGE potential in helping these small business owners market their new shiny sites. So now, Ted sends a follow-up email and mailer 2-3 months after the website is complete. The follow-up confirms that everything is working smoothly but also offers clients a deep discount for 60 days of SEO and SEM services.

Habit #2 for keeping clients: leverage existing relationship by upselling new services to current clients. 

It’s been proven that it’s 3X easier to sell to a current client than a fresh prospect.

The Goal is Intimacy Not Just Effort. 

Who ever said “It’s the thought that counts” was clearly not working in the competitive world we are in today. Because today it’s not just the thought that counts but the execution of those thoughts. You might send out a mug to your clients for Christmas and think to yourself “WOW! I am the man!” Who cares that it’s just a mug I got on a totally sweet discount? Well, sorry to burst your bubble but your clients care. Let’s get this straight: you send something that looks you got it at the 99¢ store, that’s exactly what your clients feel they are worth to you. It’s a direct correlation. Plus, you’re not six anymore. The days where you can put crap in a box and have your mom tell you how wonderful it is are long over.

Habit #3: Always look to build intimacy with your clients whenever possible.

Do they have kids? Send a Back To School gift in September. Are they workaholics? Send them a CEO survival kit or Bath & Relaxation basket. Are they a sports fan? Make a jersey with your logo on it and their name on the back. The idea is to send them something of value that makes them realize that you see them as a person and not just another account receivable.

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