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Three Ways The Most Successful Gain Big Attention


Three Ways The Most Successful Gain Big Attention

How do some firms and ideas go from nowhere to everywhere in a few short months?

All of a sudden a restaurant becomes popular, a gas station gains a cult following, or a Broadway show becomes too popular to get a ticket for years. Wouldn’t it be great if our businesses could do that too? Here are three lessons on branding to apply that will help you gain big attention. 

1. Exploit Your Uniqueness. Being different is risky. If you don’t fit the normal mold, your differences stand out. Sometimes, in business we try to be so professional that we turn into a gray suit standing against a gray wall and no one can see or remember us. Something that doesn’t quite fit in has the potential to stand out. Have you found your own way to stand out? What is unique about you?

2. Say Something Surprising. If you say what everyone else is saying – it may not ever be remembered. 

Do you think people talk about what you say? Ask yourself – are you creating the attention you deserve for the good and smart things you are doing and saying? The key is to say something different and meaningful. How do you stand out?

3. Be Interesting! It is often our personal interests, charity involvement and outside activities that really connect with others. What are your passions? Have you shared them?

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The result of trying to stand out is undeniable. Some individuals and businesses remain nearly anonymous through their lives. But if you don’t dare to be different, how will anyone find and choose you?

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