Why It's Always Good to Hit Publish

So many websites focus on just having one or two good pieces on a topic. It not only makes them look good, it gives their audience confidence in their abilities in this area. Or does it?

Can I learn a lot from your site?

Only having a few pieces of content on a subject may look clean, but it doesn’t give your readers enough depth. Depth and specificity is what most blogs are lacking.

Sure it’s great to give a list post on obesity, but what does your health care service do differently? What types of specific treatment does your company offer, and why are your products the best for this particular pain point?

The more you reveal of yourself, the more your customers will avail themselves to you, you’ve built trust. Diving deep into the subjects your clients really care about is the best and smartest thing that your company can do. Don’t over think hitting publish.

There’s a reason Stephen King is heralded as one of the best authors in American history . It’s not because he wrote a best-selling novel. It’s because he’s written several best-selling novels. He churns out books like a printing press and consistently delivers content that his readers crave. When Stephen King hits publish, a million people jump in line and buy his books — every time.

So how do you get the same type of momentum for your business?

Hit publish

Publish more often. Go deeper with your content. Do something — write something — that is surprising, and catches your readers off-guard. Throw in an emotional piece about an unsung hero or person in need from your local community, and send it out to your audience. Offer to help the family or set up a channel for donations. Part of being more prolific is being more involved.

Do interviews with other experts in your field and put them on a YouTube channel. This is going to make you stand out and it adds massive value to your fans.

Make it memorable

One of the single most important factors in making content that sticks is being memorable. Writing generic posts won’t get you there. Making something meaningful by spotlighting customer questions, offering unique value, or just writing with a style that is as elegant as it is engaging.

Do what the pros do: a daily journal

If you’re really struggling to provide quality content, it may be time to begin a daily writing journal where you write first thing when you wake up in the morning.

A few hundred words head start towards your content creation can really help you to bring out the Creative Muse.

Journaling and even using an app such as Evernote heavily promoted by bloggers such as Michael Hyatt for note taking can dramatically enhance the frequency of your ideas, and ultimately lead to churning out more great content on a weekly basis.

Get your content machine going

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