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3 Reasons to Stay Away From Click-Baiting Content Marketing


3 Reasons to Stay Away From Click-Baiting Content Marketing

Deep down inside, we know it’s wrong. Our target consumer shouldn’t be reduced to a pawn on the other side of a marketing tactic that promises an easy reward and doesn’t deliver, then leaves them feeling suckered. But despite our better judgment—and the glut of online coverage decrying its usage—communicators and company representatives still succumb to overly gimmicky, click-baiting content marketing urges.

While we all know that’s the easy way out, it’s not the right way. Don’t be that job-recruitment site sending “personalized” mass emails mimicking an employer requesting an interview, or that tax software announcing the arrival of a refund before you’ve filed, or that financial advisor pushing the “shocking stock play” one click away. Here are three simple reasons why:

People remember being duped

Don’t dangle bait in front of your audience. Your target market is not a pack of drooling dogs. That’s not to say they won’t respond to an email or a link promising a small thrill, but don’t mistake their interest for successful marketing outreach. A distraction isn’t the same as a connection. And once they’ve fallen for it the first time, it may be the last time they show any interest.

No one ultimately wants more clutter

Your message should attempt to simplify their world, not add to its visual and mental chaos. And such ploys do nothing more than detract from your message. Try stepping back and developing a message that makes a real connection based on an analysis of your target demographic.

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It exposes you as unoriginal

These tactics when overused reduce you to a marketing & communications nincompoop with a lack of depth and creativity. They can also damage your credibility, and tarnish your brand. If you’re looking for some fresh ideas, HubSpot has some “funny, unconventional, and highly effective” sales email templates for you to consider. Here are some tips on how to spice up your blog formats. Just don’t fall down the clickbait hole.

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