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8 Refreshingly Candid Entrepreneurs to Liven up Your Twitter Feed


Written by: Gabrielle Meunier

Twitter can be a gnarly platform for entrepreneurs to create a relevant presence, let alone master. Unlike Facebook and Instagram, Twitter is a platform that shuns self-promotion while generously rewarding snark, sarcasm and wit.

That’s why so many professionals struggle to establish a relevant presence on the platform. Their cautious voices come off as forced and out of touch with Twitter’s overall tone and pace. On Twitter, edgy works. Shamelessly seeking attention, on the other hand, does not. By and large, Twitter users are sophisticated enough to distinguish between the two.

Twitter rewards snark, sarcasm and wit, and these eight entrepreneurs are not afraid to tweet their minds. They represent a refreshing break from the canned, corporate fluff too many businesspeople resort to online. Follow them right now to spice up your feed.

Josh Brown @ReformedBroker

New York City based financial advisor and CEO of Ritholtz Wealth Management, Josh Brown, created the online brand Reformed Broker in 2008. The site and Twitter account are now among the most widely-read on the financial web, featuring commentary on everything from markets, economics and finance to politics, media and culture.

Brown uses this platform to speak candidly on all previously mentioned topics in a blunt yet balanced manner.

Simon Kemp @eskimon

Founder of Kepios, a marketing strategy consultancy, Simon Kemp has developed brand and marketing strategies for many of the world’s most admired companies, including Google and Coca-Cola. Over 10 million people around the world have read his books and guides on marketing. In his personal life, he is an aspiring DJ with an album coming soon.

Currently based in Singapore, Kemp’s tweets discuss the golden age of digital marketing in short blurbs with lots of visuals and quotes to diversify the media on your feed.

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Susan McPherson @susanmcp1

Susan McPherson is a self-made entrepreneur who believes business can be a force for good. She is also the founder and CEO of McPherson Strategies, a communications consultancy firm that intersects brands and social good. She is considered one of the 25 Smartest Women on Twitter by Fast Company and prides herself on being a philanthropist and an angel investor.

McPherson’s tweets are a healthy mix of corporate responsibility, social justice and news updates.

Penelope Trunk @penelopetrunk

Penelope Trunk is the founder of Quistic, a leading community on career management and development. While Trunk does not focus on solely entrepreneurship, her writing speaks to many things that go into making yourself successful. Anyone looking to better understand them-self, become a better leader and be more productive should follow her.

Trunk has a very active blog that offers advice ‘at the intersection of work and life.’ She tweets many of her blog posts as well as personal blurbs about being a mom in suburban Philadelphia.

James Altucher @jaltucher

James Altucher’s twitter bio says it all: “For some reason, I’ve turned myself inside out and all my guts have spilled onto my blog.”  He has started 20 companies, 17 of which have failed, and he is on Twitter to share everything he has learned along the way. He also has his own podcast, “The James Altucher Show.”

Altucher has gone from millionaire to broke and is on Twitter to share with you his best advice on topics including investing, entrepreneurship and self-publishing.

Natalia Oberti Noguera @nakisnakis

Based in New York City, Natalia Oberti Noguera is the founder and CEO of Pipeline Angels, an organization matching investors with women seeking startup capital. She is an outspoken LGBTQ advocate, and her work has been featured in Bloomberg Businessweek, NPR and The New York Times.

Her lively Twitter feed features business, advocacy and culture.

Alan Sugar @LordSugar

The British Apprentice boss speaks candidly when he’s tweeting and is not afraid to directly attack those who don’t agree. Do not follow this account with the hopes of finding business secrets, but rather a battle of wits with other famous Brits such as Piers Morgan.

Lord Sugar is constantly under scrutiny for his inappropriate tweets and beef with fellow British Twitter personalities. Be sure to grab the popcorn if you add him to your twittersphere, because he is not afraid to stir the pot.

Gary Vaynerchuck @garyvee

Gary Vaynerchuk is the chairman of VaynerX, a modern-day media and communications holding company, and the active CEO of VaynerMedia, a full-service advertising agency servicing Fortune 100 clients across the company’s four locations.  He is also a public speaker and a 5-time New York Times bestselling author and a prolific angel investor with early investments in companies such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Venmo and Uber.

Vaynerchuck shares short clips from his various public speeches, as well as informal rant style videos on various topics, and I’ll let him have the final words here with one of his tweets.


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