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How Financial Advisors Can Build Trust While Expanding Visibility


How Financial Advisors Can Build Trust While Expanding Visibility

Written by: Kaitlyn Smith

Establishing trust is a key component to achieving marketing success in today’s financial services arena. Financial advisors looking to grow their client bases face fierce competition for new business. An integral way that advisors can build trust and stand out in their markets is by becoming news sources, commentators and thought leaders.

By showing prospective clients that local and national media outlets trust and respect your expertise, you can eliminate credibility concerns. In short, the more your potential clients trust your expertise and abilities, the more likely they are to choose your practice over your competitors.

Earning Trust Through Media Exposure 

Readers and viewers tend to trust the outlets that align with their views. So when those outlets give you or your company positive coverage, they are essentially aligning their brand with yours, having an impact similar to an outright endorsement.

Although commenting on something outside of your specific niche in the finance industry might seem counterintuitive, the value of press coverage goes beyond the message or article focus. Earning media exposure and recognition expands a brand’s overall visibility. It puts them in front of new audiences and, if earned regularly, can begin to have a “household name” effect on these audiences.

Failure to establish trust within your target market can stifle sales growth and limit long-term business success. But if you can establish links to trusted sources, you will directly appeal to a primary deciding factor among prospective clients.

Leveraging Your Exposure

With that said, it’s important to understand that being quoted once as an expert in a local newspaper article won’t have a major impact on consumer trust or your bottom line. However, gaining steady exposure in the paper over time will prompt readers to remember your brand and recognize you as a local expert.

Once you begin earning credible media coverage, don’t let your hard work go unnoticed. Sharing your media hits is an important strategy that will increase the likelihood of being recognized by potential clients. Amplify the impact of your media hits by regularly sharing your press coverage on your website, social media pages and in eBlasts. After all, maintaining your brand’s presence is just as important as establishing it.

A good public relations strategy will reach new, targeted audiences by using the media to amplify your brand, expertise and core messaging. Investing in a campaign that will deliver exposure from diverse and trusted sources will set you apart from your competitors and generate increasing returns over time.

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