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To Be or Not To Be: A Remote Worker



Telecommuting, or working from home, has risen 79 percent between 2005 and 2012, and now includes 3.2 million workers. Some sources are saying that this is the future of the workplace, while others believe that employees are less productive in work from home jobs. While many conflicting opinions are coming out of the woodwork, as a remote worker myself I believe it is a great thing. While working from home is not for everyone, there are a few benefits to consider:

You can work for some of the top companies without relocating:

Companies with remote workers are able to recruit the from all over the country, giving them access to the best and brightest talent nationwide. For employees this means that when you find an awesome company in a different state (like I did) you don’t have to worry about relocating there. Now I’m able to work with some of the top talent in the nation while staying close to friends and family. 

You get to create a workspace that works for you: 

Working from home allows you to custom tailor your workspace or home office to what works for you. Companies are increasingly trying to make their offices more ergonomically friendly and modern, however one set up is not going to be what works best for everyone. Working from home allows you to set up your office the way that you want it, and you won’t be constantly interrupted by other employees and their side conversations. Many people find that they are able to focus much better this way.

You get just as much work done: 

A common misconception is that people are less productive when working from home, and this may be true for someone who works from home occasionally. However, working from home everyday is the same as working in an office as long as you have the same mindset. In fact, 98 percent of workers surveyed said they thought they would be more productive or the same as they would be in an office setting. You still have regular work hours, your office setup is just slightly different.

There’s no commute and more work-life balance:

When you work from home, you wake up in the office. That means you save valuable time on commuting, and have a much better work-life balance. With the time I save on what would be a 45-minute commute each way I’m able to have much more time left over to spend with friends and family. Studies show that many people view work-life balance as more important than recognition and even salary.

Remember, working from home isn’t for everyone: 

While working from home may sound great, everyone’s work style is different. Not everyone is most productive in a home environment, and that’s okay! Working from home can be a bit isolating, as you do not get to see your coworkers face to face all day. Before taking a work from home job it’s important to evaluate your work style to decide if it will work for you. Working from home can have many benefits, but some people are much happier and more productive in an office setting.

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