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Why Nobody Cares About Your Branded Social Media Posts and How to Fix It


Why Nobody Cares About Your Branded Social Media Posts and How to Fix It

Written by: Jason Passehi

It’s no secret that in 2018, accounts on Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, etc. are essential tools when it comes to brand promotion and marketing. The majority of adults aged 18-34 are likely to follow a brand they use on social media. Most businesses and professionals have accounts on these mediums, but few establish relevant activity or an appropriate following to find success using them.

A common misconception when it comes to social media is the idea that finding things to post about is difficult or time consuming. It’s not an accident many accounts create massive followings. If you’re not posting about your brand in smart, dynamic ways, you’ll find that no one is consuming the content your generating. Here are some tips to make sure people care about what you’re posting.

Be Active

If you want people to see your brand, you need to show up on their timeline. It doesn’t get simpler than that. Establishing brand recognition through social media accounts can be a daunting task, especially in the beginning. However, if you stay persistent with your activity, your brand visibility will increase, it’s nearly a guarantee.

Deciding what to post about doesn’t need to be critical decision making. Don’t put a crutch on your activity because you have this idea that all posts need to be thought-provoking works of art. Can some of them be world-beaters? Absolutely! Just be don’t let that stop you from generating content multiple times throughout the week or even daily.

Be Current

If you don’t have something brand-related to post, then look outward.

Content creation for social media doesn’t have to be rocket science. React to what’s happening in current events with the news. Is today National Pizza Day? Post about it! Did something tragic happen that everyone is reacting to? Write up a sincere thought that your willing to stand behind.

One of the most brilliant aspects of social media is that you can literally see what’s trending in the world and be part of the conversation. There’s always something current happening that people and businesses are posting about at any given second. Don’t sit idly by when there’s nearly infinite possibilities for content just sitting at your fingertips.

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Be You

Of all the easy steps to follow, this one might require the most inward reflection. You need to decide what your goals are through social media and move forward with a unique ideology. Let those ideals represent the thoughts, beliefs and interests of your brand.

Create interesting content based on what makes you or your business unique. Look at a company like Wendy’s, they’re one of the most active big businesses when it comes to content.

They’re constantly engaging the public with content that’s often related to their business and beliefs. This is the real meat to cultivating interest through social media. In one post, they’re both engaging an enthusiastic customer while also creating a dynamic back and forth with another well-known business.

Be smart about what you post, be interesting without looking to spark controversy. Don’t be afraid to post about Waffle Wednesday, or to post a funny dog picture. As long as your brand is attached to the account, the most important aspect of social media is being visible. Consistently being in the public eye with relevant content is the only way to ensure what you put out is cared about.

To adapt a quote from the movie Field of Dreams, “If you post, the followers will come.”

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