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5 Reasons Why Email Marketing Is Worth the Time Investment


5 Reasons Why Email Marketing Is Worth the Time Investment

I didn’t intend to write about why email marketing is still a necessity for 2016 marketing strategies, but people keep asking me about its relevance.

Yes, email marketing is still very, very important. And that’s no exaggeration.

But the typical business owner gets distracted by all the new shiny social networks. And I get it – there’s so many.

However, it will be a long time before email marketing is replaced, if ever. I think our current process, tools, and apps will change, but we’ll always have an “inbox” to receive messages from the outside world that isn’t connected to a social network.

Can you imagine a world without email? And before you say, heck yes – I’d love it! Think about how you would reach out professionally or share intimate letters with someone. Or promote to them.

My inbox is magical for me. It’s the singular place someone can reach me without my getting distracted by a bajillion other things. It’s crazy how calm I feel when checking email versus going to reply to a Facebook Message or Twitter DM.

Emails still have their own place, and when it comes to marketing – there’s no difference. Even though some marketers or biz owners talk down about email marketing, the power hasn’t waned.

The biggest reason it gets so much pushback is that it’s hard. Because most email marketers don’t respect the person who signed up, and consumers are being more protective with their email accounts.

Can you blame them? A few weeks ago, I signed up for a newsletter, but was hounded by so many emails within the first week that I hit the Unsubscribed button with exertion!

But that’s another subject.

Today, we’re going to talk about WHY Email Marketing Is Still KEY in your marketing efforts. And why it’s worth the time investment. 

1. There’s nothing more intimate than the inbox.

Besides getting someone’s phone number, what is more intimate than their email address? Especially as a business owner or marketing professional.

When you give someone a reason to pass along their email address, you’re in. And I mean IN. You’ve got a one way ticket to their heart, a direct line to their time, and that’s valuable.

But you’ve got to prove your emails are worth it! You’ve got to provide value, at the right time, and at the right frequency.

Don’t downplay the fact that getting a new email subscriber is a major deal, and should be regarded with honor. It’s not to be taken advantage of with constant promotion, and it’s wise to segment your subscribers so you’re able to speak directly to the reader.

Understand who your subscribers are, make sure to segment out lists, and craft emails for each one.

2. You can say whatever you’d like.

Once you’re IN, then you’ve got the opportunity to say whatever you’d like!

Now that doesn’t mean you should, in fact – don’t. But my point is that you’re given the reins to tell stories, share information, provide excerpts to new blogs, promotions or even pictures of your kids/family.

Bottom line, you can start building relationships. You can start communicating one on one, and sharing yourself or your brand with the reader.

3. Subscribers actually want to hear from you.

If I give out my email address, I want to hear from you!

And that’s pure gold. It’s not Facebook or Instagram or other social networks where people just want to hang out, but have to constantly duck the ads. It’s their inbox.

And if people sign up for your newsletter then they’re saying yes, email me – BUT make sure it’s good. They don’t want to receive content that won’t help them or their business life in some way. So adding value should always be your main priority – not sales.

Those come after people fall in love with you.

4. Your email list is YOURS.

Probably one of the biggest arguments for email marketing is that regardless of what any social network decides to do in the future, your email list won’t be affected.

That means if Facebook decides to pack up and head home for good, you won’t lose your audience or your dedicated marketing place. Or if Twitter wants to start charging, you can roll your eyes and walk away.

Building an email list is the smartest and fastest way to build a legit audience that wants to hear from you and will be open to what you have to say in an intimate setting.

And that’s priceless.

5. It’s part of the 3 core strategies.

Email marketing plays a crucial part in the success of true social media marketing. That secret formulaincludes content creation (blogging, videos), email marketing, and social media marketing.

These three combined can slaughter any social strategy because they’re working in conjunction with each other to create a major power punch.

You can’t just market to people on social media because you don’t own those networks, they have no loyalty to you. You can’t utilize social networks without native content. And you can’t push both the social networks and the native content to a more direct place than the inbox.


Final thoughts

Email marketing is DEFINITELY a weapon you want in your marketing arsenal. So build a list, develop a community, and rock it out!

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