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5 Ways to Make Fans Fall in Love on Social Media



I wrote a post last week about how to tick people off on social media, so it only seemed fitting to counteract that with a post about how to make people fall in love with your brand or business.

Because interacting in social media is a lot like dating! And if we’ve got our goals aligned, then it’s all about making our fans and followers loveeeee us.

Social media platforms are just like real life. They’re like roomfuls of people hanging out and waiting to interact, be educated, and given things.

By not treating online relationships like we do in our everyday, we’re doing a great disservice to those who take the time to follow us, and to our biz. If you think there’s a disconnect between the online and real world, you’re mistaken!

So I’m here to help you get in line and start dating your fabulous audience! It’s time we woo them, do all the right things, and turn them into an adoring audience excited to hear from us.

Here’s 5 ways to make your fans fall in love on social media!

1. Show your appreciate (Say thank you)

If we do something for someone we care about and they don’t say thank you – what happens? We’re a bit sad, maybe even hurt!

The same reaction occurs on social media. The people (no matter how much cooler or famous-er than me) who have taken the time to say thank you to me over the years have been the ones who gained my admiration and inevitable my friendship.

In fact, basically all of the relationships I’ve developed online began with a simple thank you! That’s powerful.

Personally, I think showing and expressing thanks is one of the greatest things we can do for our online communities. It softens people’s hearts, it grows relationships, and it keeps our ego in check.

Take the time to say thank you – thank people for commenting on your Facebook page (even if they’re promoting), thank fellow tweeters when they share your content, thank folks for commenting on your blog – thank people for everything that you can.

Thank, thank, thank!

Disclaimer: Recently there has been a rise is automated thanks – do NOT partake in this activity. If you get to the point where you need to automate your gratitude on social media, then something is wrong. Automation was created to allow marketers and social business owners to have MORE time to interact, engage and thank people. It wasn’t made to automate the core parts of what make social so wonderful. Hire someone, slow down – but don’t fall prey to automated responses. The deal is, you might get by with one, but people are smart, and when they realize what’s going on – you’ll be SO dumped! Not worth it.

2. Make them feel like they’re the only one

Let’s be honest – we all like to feel special by the one we love. We like to be taken care of, adored, and treated as if we’re the only one in the world.

If you don’t admit it – I will!

These needs expands to social media. Our fans and followers want to feel significant, and why shouldn’t they? I bet when you’re a consumer, you’re looking for the same thing.

In 2015, the ability to personalize and give people individual attention is going to be a defining trait for successful businesses. The brands who take the time to answer people/issues on Twitter, the businesses who ALWAYS reply on Facebook, the ones who respond on Instagram – these folks are going to super successful because it’s what the public wants!

So how are you going to do it? My first advice is to approach your social media communication from the user’s point of view. If you stick to a business mindset then you’ll miss out on several ways to please people and turn them into worshipping fans – not because you’re terrible at social, but because you’re missing what’s most important – their point of view.

Once you begin approaching social from a different angle your entire strategy is going to experience a complete renewal.

Use names when replying on Twitter, ask new followers a question about something in their bios, take the time to go through their Instagram feed and like/comment on a few pictures, or offer unique solutions on Facebook.

Approach your social media audience as you would a new relationship and consider how you can make them feel special.

3. Be entertaining

Who likes to date the dude who sits on the couch all night or the girl who does nothing but talk? These are stereotypes, but we’ve all been privy to these folks, and we know what it’s like – borrrrrrrrring.

Just like dating in real life, we’ve got to entertain our audience to make them fall in love with us! We can just upload stuff and walk away – we’ve got to research and compile fantastic content, start conversations, show our appreciation, share other people’s content, and entertain the folks who follow us around.

I’ve asked my audiences more than once what the number one reason is for unfollowing someone online and it’s always the same – being bored.

If we don’t put time and effort into appeasing our fans and followers then we won’t ever win over their hearts.

Think about it – what does a business/person need to do to win you over? Go overboard – believe me, you’ll be one of the few.

4. Tickle their funny bone

A great sense of humor has me every. single. time. Make me laugh and I might be yours forever!

And I’m not the only one.

People love to laugh, in fact – they need it, desperately. Turn on the TV, read the news or consider all the stuff we deal with everyday! We all need a good laugh.

Social platforms became so popular because they’re an outlet to everyday life – we kick back with our family and friends, read up on things we’re interested in, and click play on a few videos that make us feel all warm and fuzzy. But we’re always on the hunt for the content that cracks us up!

In the midst of planning your social strategy, make sure you include humorous articles, photos, and videos. Go the extra mile and joke with people lightly, find ways to make them smile, and be playful.

There’s no room for total seriousness in social media. While some folks are of the opinion that humor isn’t for every industry – I disagree. Laughter is medicine and everything has a soft spot that can be laughed at – yes, even lawyers.

If you’re concerned with how to joke around – do some research! Look up competitors or other businesses in your industry and see what’s getting good reactions from their audience. Or go out on a limb and try your own.

I can be a very serious person when it comes to business, but by sharing my quirky, goofy side with my online audiences, it’s allowed me to create wonderful relationships.

5. Add beautiful value

You’ve heard it before, and I’m saying it again – value is key.

You won’t date someone who isn’t bringing something additional to your life, so don’t expect your audience to be awed by your brand when you’re giving them nothing in return.

Add value to the lives of your followers and they will endear themselves to you for a long, long time. Share articles that solve their issues, answer and ask questions, give them free tools and information, upload educational videos, and offer infographics packed with tips.

There’s so many ways we can add value to our online audiences, but it all comes down to content and personal contact. What are you sharing? Are you sharing with purpose? Are you scheduling out content that will enhance their lives or just add to it?

Be mindful of what you share, how you engage, and the solutions offered.

How do you make your social communities fall in love with your brand?

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