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Advisors: How To Create Top Email Marketing Strategies


Advisors: How To Create Top Email Marketing Strategies

Email marketing strategies for small businesses are the best ROI. In fact, email marketing is still one of the best methods to find new customers and retain the existing ones. It also assists in making more sales and creating a tribe of loyal followers. Thanks to the evolution of Mobile technology, almost everyone is using emails via smartphones and reaching them is super easy.

Most small business owners either operating online or offline have a lot of gain from investing in email marketing strategies. Unfortunately, many of them are still ignore hence losing many opportunities.

Using email is an excellent way to get in touch with your customers and target users. It is also one of the most cost effective ways to convert prospects to customers.

 Top Email Marketing Strategies To Drive Qualified, In-The-Mood-To-Buy Traffic To Your Business.

1. Make sign-up process easy

If you want to grow in your niche, there is something that must be kept in mind – always keep growing. And similar goes with the list of your email subscribers. To gain more customers, make sure to keep the sign-up process as easy as possible.

2. Add a sign-up box high on the company’s website

This can serve to drip feed a steady list of new prospects. Remember that the growing list of email subscribers is the only way you can reach new consumers and attract them to buy from you.

When asking for their emails, you need to make sure people know they’re opting into receiving emails from you.

3. Think Mobile

With the increase in smartphone users, there are high chances that your email is going to be seen on smartphones. Have in mind that everything you send should be mobile-friendly. Use content that is short, engaging and mobile friendly.

According to the experts, nearly 63% of Americans and 41 % of Europeans prefer to delete emails that are not optimized for mobile. Using a responsive email marketing template can be a great help.

4. Make Subject Line Engaging

Can you make any difference between the two?

You’ve won $7,000 coupon.
You’re eligible to grab 40% discount on fresh arrivals.

I guess you know how fishy and fake the first one seems. So, make sure to avoid using too lucrative subject lines when sending emails as people are smart enough to avoid fake emails.

Begin with a compelling proposition:

  • A teaser,
  • A giveaway or discount.

Oh, and do this, so the spam filters don’t snag the email. There’s a saying that “subject line is the most important part of email marketing strategies,” it’s the first thing recipient see.

If they feel your emails as spam, may be you’re going to lose the chance of your emails open rate. Also, don’t write subject lines with all capitals and avoid using special characters.

5. Stay Compliant

Another way to tweak your email marketing strategies and make them the strongest pillar of your marketing is to be compliant and be on the right side of the email service providers.

Avoid using non-solicited pornography only to grab users’ attention. When subscribing to email services, you are provided with the tools and learning resources for better and efficient email campaigns. Use these resources and make the best use of your email marketing strategies.

6. Design an Engaging Newsletter

They say an image is worth 1000 words. So, why not to make it a part of your email marketing strategies? Create an engaging and attractive newsletter that also matches your brand’s look and feel.

If using a template, make sure to customize it to make it similar to your website’s theme. Don’t forget to include your brand logo with each newsletter you send.

Your recipients are likely to feel more familiar from the start if they find your emails to be consistent with the rest of your company’s content.

7. Make it Scannable

The prime purpose of your email marketing strategies is to engage consumers and describe the whole message as better as possible.

Because your subscribers are busy people and most of them open their emails on smartphones, it’s safe to make your content short, engaging and scannable.

  • Break up your content into short paragraphs and include relevant sub headings and images to guide readers through the email to make it easier to scan.
  • Avoid using one long blocks, and add a teaser to the top of your newsletter to tell subscribers what’s in store.
  • If it’s going to be a long article, insert a “read more” link so people can read the rest of content whenever convenient to them.
  • Use to-the-point subject lines and consider A/B testing your subject lines to see which ones perform best.

8. Make Decisions Based on Statistics

In marketing and sales, it is strongly advised to be data-driven. In other words, making decisions that are based on statistic outcomes are great to make more sales.

When running a successful email marketing campaign, you need to have a look at metrics like your:

  • Email open rate,
  • Click through rate,
  • Bounce rate and
  • Unsubscribe rate.

Also, take a look at the costs to set up the campaign and maintain the procedure, such as
Cost per email sent,
Coupon code offered and other expenses to figure out the final ROI of the campaign.

Monitor your statistics to bring the performance of your email marketing campaign to its best.

9. Maintain the Frequency of Emails

According to the experts, nearly 46.4 percent of unsubscribes complain about receiving frequent emails.

Every list is different, so do some testing to see how a strategic change in frequency of your emails  affects your metrics.

Additionally, not all times are good times to send an email blast. The highest email opening rate for email broadcast occurs in the evening once people leave their workplace and had dinner. The best time may be between 8 p.m. and midnight. Such times also had better conversion rates.

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10. Test & Access Your Campaign

Whether you launch a website or initiate an email marketing campaign, testing is a must. This can be a reason behind the success or failure of your email marketing strategies.

Testing can provide crucial information at every level of your email marketing campaign. In fact, it is suggested to make it a vital part of your email marketing strategies.

Without testing, you have no real statistics as to whether your efforts are working or not.

Send test emails to friends, or use a testing program to check how your emails are going to look at different screen sizes. Some email marketing services providers have this option integrated into their platforms.

Testing also reveals design mistakes before it’s too late and also lets you save your emails from going to the spam folder of receivers.

You could even set up accounts with a few different email services.

Real success means when you have to do nothing and still have sales coming to your pockets. Email marketing ( when rightly done) is one of the primary sources to unlock your success as an online business owner.

It holds a great potential to drive more users and potential buyers to your business, making it one of the biggest pillars of top marketing strategies, used by skilled professionals and successful companies globally.

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