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Are You Living in the Gap? (Major H/T to @Accenture!)


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Any Dan Sullivan (@StrategicCoach) fans out there?

Back in the day I read “Learning How to Avoid the Gap” and Dan teaches you how to always stretch and grow your goals so they are like the sunset on the beach.  You need to enjoy the walk toward the sun without falling into the despair of the gap between you and your goals.  Well social media has a very real gap and many financial advisors have not only slipped off the edge, but have fallen deep into a crevice at the bottom of the gap.  My job is to wedge them out and get them back to enjoying the actual journey.

Accenture, a leading organization which provides management consulting, technology and outsourcing services, published a report titled, “Closing the Gap:  How Tech-Savvy Advisors Can Regain Investor Trust” where we learn about Generation D — the D standing for Digital.  This isn’t a particular block of individuals born between this date and that one, but rather a melting pot representation of the more than 75 million individuals with a significant amount of assets who have a broad adoption of technology.

On page 7 of the report, I need you to pay extra special attention to this:  “Consistent and effective use of digital tools and social channels is becoming increasingly necessary for financial advisors to remain relevant to Gen D investors who already represent a large and viable market segment.”  This is the gap!!!  

Danger Will Robinson!

If you are one of the advisors who is not being consistent with your use of social media and digital tools, you are running an enormous risk of being irrelevant…and this is hard to bounce back from with Digital D, folks.  As the report goes on to confirm, “It is critical, however, that they understand
and begin to address the perception gaps that may be undermining their effectiveness with investors.”  We have to get you out of the gap!

So what to do…what to do…

First – make the decision to go.  You know you have to get into the game, so start somewhere.

Second – decide what that means for you.  I suggest LinkedIn – it’s the easiest to understand as a digital résumé.  You just start filling out what you know about yourself, easy peasy.

Third – schedule the time on your calendar.  If you don’t make the time, it won’t happen.

…the rest we can figure out.  These are the first steps to get you going, but going you must!  If I can do anything to be of help or be a resource, do not hesitate to reach out!

Let’s get you outta the gap and start enjoying the journey!

Be bigger, better and more BIONIC today!

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