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Constantly Distracted? Welcome to the Nope Button!

FYI: It takes 25 minutes to get back on task

We all have those folks in our lives (and I know I've been one of them, so please forgive me as I knew not what I was doing) who just want a "few moments of your time." We go into many conversations with the best of intentions in being quick, but then the question or statement becomes chatter about other things and then there goes your productivity, right? Well, I found a cool tool to help those of us who are less inclined to say "no" to our friends and colleagues.

Welcome to the Nope Button!

There is a great Google Chrome extension called the Nope Button. Download it here: http://nopebutton.com/.
  • You simply add the extension to your Google browser
  • Program your phone number into it
  • When someone distracts you, click the button
  • The application calls you and talks to you as long as you need to get the person to move on
  • Not everyone is comfortable saying to someone, "I really can't talk to you right now." I respect this, so let this application soften the blow and get you back on track with whatever you're working on.