Financial Services ARE Matters of the Heart

It’s that time of year. You know what I’m talking about. You can’t go anywhere without seeing hearts and shades of pink and red everything. So how do you get your clients to feel the love? What is the real way to your client’s hearts.? Chocolates and flowers? Nope, they just want you to be yourself. Not real sexy of an answer, is it?

Creative marketers call this being “authentic” but the simpler is answer is just be yourself. If you want to get to the heart of important matters with your clients, then being authentic means you’re honest, trustworthy, transparent, passionate with a little dollop of uniqueness thrown into the mix.

The Nielsen report on global trust is one that’s important to financial services, yet I rarely see it referenced. That’s sad. Who better to learn about this level of trust than those who handle client’s money and financial landscaping needs? The reason I’m so concerned about financial service professionals not knowing about this report is that word-of-mouth recommendations (earned advertising) is still the MOST INFLUENTIAL way to reach clients and is considered the most trustworthy type. How many of your clients came from earned advertising? Probably a lot!

Trust is earned through being honest with each other so it’s a very important component to the mix. To be perceived as being genuine, some good questions asked in the MarketingProfs article for you to consider in your overall branding is:

  • What promises are we making? How are we delivering on those promises?
  • How have we demonstrated our interest and investment into our clients’ needs and desires?
  • Are we relatable?
  • How have we let the customers “in”?
  • When was the last time you asked these questions of yourself? Your staff? If the answer is anything longer than six months ago, you have some work to do! And be sure to be honest with yourself in answering. Don’t give the old standby answer to shuffle it off your list of to-do’s. This is important!

    You might be asking yourself, “Do heartfelt matters work in financial services?” Check out this video by Prudential called “The Love Card” – it’s worth the 5 min watch: