#FinServ: How Do We Win against @Google?

How about that Packers game on Sunday? I say “Packers” game because it was their game, but they made a critical error at the time of the fake field goal. They weren’t paying attention and the Seahawks literally came in and took the game from them. Boom – that’s how football games roll, right?

Don’t you think that same play could happen in our financial services world? It already is.

Technology is ever pressing into our communities and because we aren’t paying attention, places like Google are setting us up for the fake field goal move and putting our profession at risk of being taken from us. See the recent article by the New York Times on Insurance via Internet is Squeezing Agents . With online insurance comparisons so user-friendly, we have to recognize that online property/casualty quoting is the gateway drug to life and health insurance sectors.

We gotta snap out of, ladies and gentlemen!

Google. It may become our professional community version of David and Goliath. After all, Google has an artillery of data in their pocket to draw on (their armor and shield). We have a Client Relationship Management system (our staff and sling). Google has analysts, developers, coders and technology architects. We maybe have an assistant and a back office to help us navigate the choppy waters.

How do we win against Google?

The good news is we all know how the story line plays out, right? We must become our own version of David and find our stone to sling.

That means you must have REAL conversations about your business, its practices and where it’s going this year:

  • Are you reaching into new markets through your own efforts or better yet, bringing a new person on board to help you map out that financial landscape?
  • When was the last time you called EVERY SINGLE CLIENT you have and talked to them?
  • If your clients were talking to their friends about you, what do you think they would say?
  • We have so much control over our business, but we get distracted with so many little things that we forget there are Goliaths in the world who want to come in and defeat our business. Are we going to let that happen? NO!

    Get your slingshot out. Set it on your desk to remind you that we are all working to defeat the giants and protect our turf!

    Be bigger, better and more BIONIC today!