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How to Make Your Topic Pop on Social Media


How to Make Your Topic Pop on Social Media

I often say that I have yet to meet a business that cannot benefit from social media. I still believe this to be true.

Whether you are an insurance agent, a dentist, a developer, or a financial planner, you can make your content sexy and appealing to your audience. Here are some ideas to help you do this and still stay compliant with your business policies:

Take them behind the scenes: if you haven’t yet noticed, video gets the largest number of views and engagement than any other type of content. Pull out your phone and take video of your workplace. Show them the lovely receptionist and take them back to the offices. Show your employees in the break room getting coffee, counting inventory, or preparing for a meeting. The more human your organization looks, the better. People want to do business with other people, get to know your audience and allow them to get to know you.

Interview other professionals: interview professionals that complement your industry. If you are a massage therapist, interview personal trainers, nutritionists, spa owners, etc. Find people who you could potentially partner with and do business together. By interviewing professionals that are complementary to your own business you are still staying relevant and your audience will most likely find it educational and entertaining.

Be social: if you are a financial planner the topics and information on your industry can be a bit dry. Nobody really wants to read articles on 401k’s and insurance premiums everyday, do they? While it is very important it is not a good way to get to know someone either. So, in between some of the important content, be friendly, social, and helpful. Show your audience you are a leader in the community. Take a photo of yourself meeting with a client at the local coffee shop. Take video of you and your kids taking a timeout to throw the ball for the dog. By being social and showing your human side, people will feel like they are getting to know you. The more they see your name in the newsfeed, and the more they interact with your social and light posts, the more you stay top of mind. Then when your audience decides they are ready for a financial planner, or have to find a financial planner, guess who they are going to think of? Bingo! The very cool financial planner that they see in their newsfeed being involved with the community and hanging out with their family and friends.

Be helpful: I once saw a Facebook page that did something pretty smart. They only added value. They posted if there was traffic on the highway or an accident to avoid. The posted about school closings and weather. They mentioned lost dogs and were kind of the epicentre for this little community. The owner never once promoted her business. Turns out she was, in fact, a realtor. You could figure that out by going into the description of the page but it was not completely obvious. When someone needed a realtor I bet I know who they reached out to….

Be Yourself: one of the biggest disservices I find in businesses is when they hide behind their logo and only post currated articles that are boring and lack substance. You can immediately tell when someone has outsourced their Facebook business pages to a large organization who is just plugging in article after article. You know nothing about the company and who works there. Step away from your logo from time to time. Show your face. Show your employees. Jump  on Facebook Live and talk about what you are doing in the community or who you are looking to connect with as far as clients. This will help you find a following that will eventually hire you.

Just because your industry is about numbers or policies, doesn’t mean you can’t make your social interesting and fun and still stay compliant within your organization. Stay away from giving advice or suggesting particular outcomes and keep your posts light, entertaining, and valuable.

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