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Is Everyone’s Money Green? How to Find the Right Fit for Your Business


Is Everyone's Money Green? How to Find the Right Fit for Your Business

No matter what type of business you have, there are clients for that business. It may seem hard to reach them but once you’ve got a clear plan and understanding of what YOU bring to the market? Getting leads is the easy part. Finding clients who mesh with your values? That’s where things get a little sticky.

As someone who can bring in 61% more leads in a month from Facebook Ads alone and increase engagement across the board over 100% individually on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, I have a responsibility. 

A friend of mine is referring me to one of his clients. We talked about it and he said that they’re laying the foundations to be able to handle the volume I would bring in.

While that felt a little uncomfortable to own, the Warrior inside of me was jumping for joy.

I have spent a decade watching, learning and growing. I’ve focused on getting a true understanding of what makes people click (both digitally and in real life) and how to grow a brand from the ground up.

All Wonder Women metaphors aside, using the tactics, strategies and skills I have can create massive results and this is something I really am passionate about. To me, having this type of “power” comes with responsibility.

I don’t have to like you to work with you… but it does help

I believe anyone with a platform has a responsibility to use that platform to share good content — vetted content, accurate content, TRUE content. Retweeting or resharing bad content or unverified content can have serious consequences — there’s an entire website devoted to debunking the Web ( and I definitely aim to be part of the solution, both as an individual content creator and as someone who creates content for others.

Do I have to like you as a human being to take you on as a client? Hell, no.

Do I have to agree with your politics, your life philosophy, and brand identity to take you on as a client? Hell, no.

But do I want to make sure that your brand is spreading positivity instead of negativity? Hell, yes.

I don’t take this lightly and YOU shouldn’t either.

Affiliate Marketing and Influencer Marketing is where this really comes into play because if you’re putting your name behind something and sharing it with your carefully curated audience, you want to make sure it supports them, right? 

That’s where my favorite NYC saying “everybody’s money is green” comes into play. 

You can work with anyone, but do they deserve your unique skill set?

I’m not talking about “deserve” in a sense of passing judgment on how “worthy” a project or budget is. I’m talking about connecting to who you are as a person, what YOUR goals are and deciding if connecting your brand, business and name to this project is going to be worth the long term results that will have for your business and theirs. 

Your name is all you have, guard it with your life

As a journalist, I learned that my name was to be protected because that’s ALL people would know me as. As a journalist “bred” in the age of digital media, I learned to protect my handles too. 

As a businesswoman, my word is platinum and I will never, ever, ever forget that. And I don’t want YOU to forget that either.

No matter what you’re selling, your name, brand and business will forever be tied to it, especially if you use the internet as a vehicle to gain exposure for the venture (and if you’re not doing that in even a small way, you won’t succeed). 

Moral of the story: Everybody’s money is green but only some people will be the right fit for YOU as clients. Respect that, honor that and tell the Universe you’re ready for more of that alignment.

Magic WILL happen and you’ve earned it.

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