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It Takes Digital Domination to Create a Brand that Converts


It Takes Digital Domination to Create a Brand that Converts

How many times have you read that consistent content will get you clients? It’s 1000% true but what does it really mean? What is consistency for YOUR audience and YOUR brand?

How much content does your audience want from you? Learning the answers to these questions is the key to digital domination and in this post, you’ll learn what it takes to create a brand that converts.

Consistency is Queen… Content is King

In today’s 24/7 digital world, content IS king. Consistency is, as I said in this interview in 2017 with Jessi and Marie of North Star Messaging and Strategy, Queen. The best part about considering your content and consistency as a pair? YOU set the stage for consistency. You decide how consistent you want to be. If you’re looking for a place to start, download my freebie post cadence guide (available here) for some key data points related to how often and at what times you need to post in order to get the results you crave.

Digital Domination is a State of Mind… and FOMO is NOT For You

It can seem like everyone you know is rocking everything on their plate — they’re the badass boss (with a good ass; my favorite of the #VixDoesMantras series), the marvelous momma and the #winning wife who seems to get everything done without breaking a nail or shedding a tear. That’s absolute and total BS. It’s an Insta-Filtered version of life and as part of my CREATE mantra for 2018, I’m also focused on more transparency and less tightropes — FOMO (fear of missing out) is a direct result of our digital domination efforts. We want to be the one to dominate the conversation in our niche and in our network but, at times, we’re actually not offering anything insightful.

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How do you avoid that? By considering your audience. DIY-ing your digital empire does not have to break the bank. Dominating Digital Media does not have to dominate your life. Small tweaks — like sharing Instagram Stories 1-2 days a week or committing to one Facebook live per month — will make a difference… if you do it consistently. It will take time, but it IS possible.

Patience is Your Purpose

It may seem like people build six figure businesses overnight but the truth of the matter is that the groundwork took a lot of time. I built The Company by securing 6-figures of contracts in six weeks but that didn’t mean I had six figures in my bank account (and I still don’t… that’s a conversation for another blog) — it meant I secured the contracts I needed to have an income that made ME comfortable and confident enough to turn my Side Hustle into a full-time hustle. That number? That milestone? That goal? It is and — totally — should be different for all of us. Patience in achieving all of your goals is key to your purpose. One way to be patient? Pick ONE network to focus on. For me, 2017 was all about Instagram, and focusing on that network made a HUGE difference (a 10K in 6 months difference!). Block out the networks and platforms YOU want to focus on by month and watch your business grow.

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