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LinkedIn: If at First You Don’t Succeed…


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…you know how the saying goes, right?  Someone…a teacher, a parent, a mentor of some type pressed on you to try, try again.  

Perseverance: it’s a forgotten skillset. Why do so many give up so easily these days?

LinkedIn is terrific for meeting people, but I often time will hear members say, “I sent them a connection request, but they didn’t accept.”  I wait for an awkward moment and think, “…and you gave up that easily?  Why?”  If this is someone you want to connect with and you feel you can offer real value to their lives, then don’t give up!

The Harvard Business Review recently sent out their daily stat with the following:

If you assume that someone who has turned you down once is unlikely to grant a subsequent request, your assumption may be incorrect. Research by Daniel A. Newark, Francis J. Flynn, and Vanessa K. Bohns shows that saying “no” makes people feel guilty and therefore raises their likelihood of saying “yes” to an asker’s next request. For example, in an experiment, people on a university campus who refused to do a stranger a favor by filling out a questionnaire were subsequently 30% more likely to agree to the stranger’s second request, which was to mail a letter.

Source: You’re Already More Persuasive than You Think

That’s pretty impressive when you think that 30% of those who refuse the first time are more than likely to agree a second time around.  So for example, if you reach out to connect and the person doesn’t accept – don’t assume they don’t want to connect, instead think, “Maybe they didn’t receive my request because…”:

  1. …they have notifications turned off.
  2. …they rarely check LinkedIn.
  3. …they forgot how you are both connected.

…the list goes on and on.  Instead, be resourceful!  There are ways to find email addresses and you can send them a second note to connect.  Maybe you can send them an email and tell them you’re trying to reach them on LinkedIn.  Keep trying and ask me if you need new ideas!

The point is not to give up.  There are lots of reasons why someone may not be connecting, the least of which is to not accept. Shucks, they may not even know how to do that!

Be bigger, better and more BIONIC!

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