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Marketing Doesn’t Have to Be a Mountain


Marketing Doesn’t Have to Be a Mountain

Recently, my special someone took me and his son rock climbing. I’m not able to climb as I broke my left foot last year and then re-injured it again this past Superbowl Sunday slipping on some ice, but I learned the science of belaying during our visit to the Upper Limits climbing studio in Maryland Heights, Missouri.

Belaying was much more difficult and extremely important to the actual climbing than I ever imagined. Understanding the series of knots you must know, how to thread the rope, and the use and functionality of carabiners was a whole new world to me.

Climbers need belayers…

In order to climb safely, you need a good belayer. When I watched my boyfriend’s son climb onto that wall with little to no fear, my maternal instinct jumped and I immediately recognized how important the belaying is to the climb. Balancing the tension with each step, the communication between both parties, anticipating the slip of a foot, and the encouragement the belayer to the climber to “keep going” were all integral parts of the journey.

So what’s this got to do with social media and marketing?

The financial service professionals and organizations I work with each day depend on me to be a good belayer as much as I depend on them to be a good climber. Without each other’s knowledge and collaboration, we are either someone hanging out on the side of a mountain or someone just standing at the bottom looking up. Together, the climb can happen.

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Marketing doesn’t have to be a mountain…

The marketing journey can be really rough for us, right? Each footing has to be watched and secured the way FINRA and SEC regulations require. Fingers have to find the right grip much like your strategy must be in targeting your ideal clients. Your harness, ropes, and carabiners have to be functioning correctly much like your monitoring software to archive and retain. All of it just so you can climb each day….

Be a Person of Action: If you’re the climber in your office, find a good belayer to secure your strategy and help you climb. This way, marketing is never an impassable obstacle and you’ll enjoy the journey so much more.

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